That Awful "World Without Muslims" Post You've Been Seeing Gets One Thing Very, Very Wrong

You'll never guess how much Muslims are responsible for.


What if the Longest Someone Could Go to Prison in America Was 20 Years?

It could be be the perfect solution.

Ava DuVernay Nails Media's Double Standard of Charleston Church Shooting in One Tweet

It's not mental illness. It's terrorism.

Everyone's Trying Really Hard Not to Call the Germanwings Co-Pilot a Terrorist

And it reveals a troubling double standard.

Anders Breivik, Norway's Mass Killer, is Getting An Online Education in Prison — and He Should

Anders Breivik killed 77 people in Norway on July 22, 2011, many of them adolescents. Many are outraged he has the luxury of online education in prison, but we can't sink to his cruelty.

James Holmes and Adam Lanza: Did The Second Amendment Help Them Commit Their Massacres?

For the past several years, we have chipped away at our unalienable rights in favor of security. Is it time to go a step further? How far are we willing to go to stop the next Adam Lanza?


Adam Lanza Massacre: Gun Control is Not the Answer, But Neither is Prayer

The real answer may lie in putting the horrific tragedy in perspective and working to stop the people who choose to self-destruct and take as many others as possible along with them.

Anders Breivik Sentence in Norway is a Triumph for Human Rights

With the 21-year sentence, human rights have won in Europe by keeping us away from the dark ages of the death sentence.

James Eagan Holmes May Have Been Psychologically Unable to Not Go on a Killing Spree

It could be that killers like Anders Breivik and James Holmes are literally unable to not kill. A new field called neurolaw investigates.

Batman Shooter James Holmes: This Massacre Should Never Have Happened, and Here is Why

If states followed the proper procedure required to bar mental health patients from owning guns, incidents like this would never happen.

Are Video Games and Porn Causing 'The Demise of Guys'?

A new CNN article says video games and porn are responsible for the decline of men's performance in school, and in relationships with women. This demonstrates a lack of understanding about men.


How to Upset a Terrorist: Sing a Song of Peace With 40,000 Loud Enough For Him to Hear

Norwegians have shown us that the best way to support democracy, tolerance, and multiculturalism is to do it peacefully and with dignity -- singing a song rather than raging against the gunman.

Call of Duty and World of Warcraft: Did Video Games Play a Role in Norway Massacre?

As Breivik's trial continues, we examine the importance of his heavy video game playing as opposed to the more pressing issues of xenophobia and racism that stemmed his crime.

Breivik Should Not Face Death Penalty for Murder of 77

With an insane defendant, a dismissed judge, social network leaks and a call for a revoke of the death penalty, Norway will see its trial of the century.

'Call of Duty' and Mass Murders: Are Video Games Too Violent?

It is time we stop using violent video games as a scapegoat for criminal activities.

Anders Breivik Trial Should Not Be Viewed as an Act of 'Insanity'

We should not argue that Breivik is mad. He should be viewed as the terrorist he really is and his ideology needs to be contained.


Religious Labeling in Lone Wolf Terror Attacks Misleading

The recent attacks in Norway reveal hypocrisy in the way that religiously-inspired terrorism is discussed.

Multiculturalism in Europe is a Failed Policy

Multiculturalism only further isolates migrants from the host society, and new immigration strategies must be developed to ease social tensions.

What if Anders Breivik Were a Muslim?

The Norway attacks were shocking for many Westerners because Breivik was seemingly a well-to-do citizen, not a foreign radical.