The White House seems to have abandoned Donald Trump Jr. for now

Reports suggest Trump Jr. has earned the nickname of "Fredo" in the administration.


Family of Seth Rich threatens legal action over Fox News conspiracy theory report

The right-wing conspiracy theory fell apart in under 48 hours.

One Tweet Shows the Hypocrisy of the Media's Reaction to Riots in Baltimore

A small minority of Freddie Gray protesters smashed some windows, and the media lost its mind.

Monica Lewinsky Breaks 13-Year Silence to Share Her Story About Cyber-Bullying

After years of silence, an important message.

Daily Currant: Who's to Blame When Real News Outlets Report Fake News?

Yet another news outlet has picked up a fake story put out by satirical news website the Daily Currant, and some are blaming the satire for not being "funny" enough. That's not the problem.

Republican National Committee Says the GOP Needs to Be Cooler

An RNC report says Republicans need to increase their cool factor to appeal to millennials, but the GOP needs more than Clint Eastwood and a Twitter account to win the youth vote.

No, Chuck Hagel Did Not Take Donations From "Friends of Hamas"

Andrew Breitbart may have passed on, but his site continues to live — and now it's spreading vicious false rumors that Chuck Hagel took money from Hamas.

10 Absurd Tweets Comparing Hitler to Obama

Twitter has reached a conclusion: OMG, Obama is totally just like Hitler. I mean, did you really expect anything else?

Glenn Beck and the 9 Most Influential Conservatives Never Elected to Public Office

The nine unelected conservatives that have shaped the Republican Party span neoconservative foreign policy hawks to religiously motivated pastors.

R.I.P. Andrew Breitbart, 1969-2012

With the passing of Andrew Breitbart, the world lost one our best conservative media moguls. His conservative activism and writing impacted conservatives everywhere.

Andrew Breitbart, S. E. Cupp and the Top Political Firebrands to Follow On Twitter In 2012

Meet the 5 online political firebrands worth following and loving (or hating) in 140 characters or less.

How Could Fox News Win the War Against Media Matters?

Media Matters' campaign against Fox is coming to a conclusion with the publication of David Brock's new book, "The Fox Effect." How can Fox fight back?

Andrew Breitbart Blows Up at OWS Protesters at CPAC

The best response to partisan anger is to do nothing at all: to just forget about it.

The No Spin Zone: Social Media Has Rendered Media Bias Obsolete

Despite the cacophony of accusations that come from both sides of the aisle, media bias might not be as much of a problem as once thought.

Political Discourse 2.0

Our generation has an opportunity to leverage Internet 2.0 and social media into an asset for democracy.