Sen. Bill Nelson concedes as contentious Florida midterm races come to an end

Nelson's concession, which came one day after that of Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, brings a contentious ballot-counting process to an end.

Amid Florida’s contentious recount battles, lawsuits pile up

The only thing in Florida more ubiquitous than election recounts might be the lawsuits that have sprouted up in the interest of keeping them fair.

This Week in Politics: Election counting continues as Congress’ lame duck session begins

Controversies over the Florida recount and the fate of Robert Mueller's investigation are set to continue this week, while Trump gives an award to the wife of a major donor.

While You Weren’t Looking: 5 stories from the Trump administration that aren’t about the midterms

Here are five stories you might have missed this week.

Gun control lost in Florida on election night, but student activists vow to fight on

Even in the face of defeat in Florida last night, the young gun violence survivors activists who make up the March for Our Lives movement remained unflappable.

Yes, there were historic wins in the midterms — but racism too often taints the victories

Even with sparks of light, I can’t help but be angry, and I am fearful of what is to come.

4 takeaways from Tuesday’s midterm elections

There are some more nuanced takeaways from those top-line results.

Trump declares “big victory” in midterms — despite the GOP losing the House to Democrats

It wasn't quite the blue wave Democrats were hoping for, but they will now control the House — something that could cause major headaches for Donald Trump.

Today in Trump’s America: Democrats win the House, Republicans expand their Senate majority

It was a split decision in Tuesday’s midterms, as Democrats won the House majority for the first time since 2010 and picked up a number of key governor mansions, but lost seats in the Senate.

Andrew Gillum concedes in Florida’s closely watched gubernatorial race

Ron DeSantis' win comes in spite of a groundswell of support for Gillum during an ugly midterm contest marred by accusations of racism.

A running list of the last-ditch efforts to sway voters in the 2018 midterm elections

Robocalls, racially charged comments and more attempts to get voters to change their minds on Election Day.

Democrats see racist 11th-hour messaging in 2018 midterm cycle

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue called the Florida governor's race "cotton-pickin' important" and a racist robocall labeled Stacey Abrams a "negress."

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue calls Florida governor’s race “cotton-pickin’ important”

Purdue's comments come as Andrew Gillum fights to become the state's first black governor.

In midterm endorsements, Trump mixes insults with bizarre praise

Are Trump's boilerplate Twitter endorsements helping or hurting his party?

Gillum and DeSantis trade increasingly personal blows during second Florida gubernatorial debate

"Now I’m not calling Mr. DeSantis a racist, I’m simply saying the racists believe he’s a racist.”

“He is wholly owned by the NRA”: Andrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis spar over gun rights in debate

On Sunday night, Gillum accused DeSantis of injecting a racial element into an already heated race and repeatedly attacked the Republican over his NRA-backed campaign.

Rick Scott will allow voting exceptions in 8 Florida counties devastated by Hurricane Michael

Widespread power outages, downed phone lines and costly infrastructure damage have hobbled the state with less than three weeks to go until the Nov. 6 midterms.

Florida Supreme Court strikes down Rick Scott’s plan to pack courts with conservative justices

The ruling is considered a win for Andrew Gillum, the progressive gubernatorial candidate widely seen as the favorite to replace Scott in 2019.

This Week in Politics: Trump heads West as midterm elections approach

Trump will visit Montana, Arizona and Nevada this week as candidates across the country campaign ahead of the November midterms.

How Hurricane Michael could scramble Florida’s tight midterm races

A lot is on the line for Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, the Democratic nominee for governor, and GOP Gov. Rick Scott, who is running for Senate.

Mic Daily: The White House misrepresents Trump’s offensive comments in official transcript

Mic Daily is a cross section of our most vital stories of the day.

How Florida’s Puerto Rican voters could help elect Andrew Gillum

As Florida's contentious gubernatorial and Senate races heat up, the state's swelling Puerto Rican population could become the deciding factor.

Billionaire investor Tom Steyer to contribute $5 million to Andrew Gillum’s Florida campaign

The billionaire has pledged to contribute to 60 competitive congressional races in the hopes of flipping control of the House in the Democrats’ favor.

Major donor of Trump-backed nominee for Florida governor just called Obama a racial slur on Twitter

The controversy comes weeks after Ron DeSantis, the Republican nominee for Florida governor, told voters not to "monkey this up" by electing his black Democratic rival, Andrew Gillum.

Andrew Gillum up 6 points in Florida governor race in latest poll

Gillum is competing to become the state's first Democratic governor in nearly two decades.

How Andrew Gillum pulled off an upset in Florida’s gubernatorial race

The progressive candidate pulled off a win by unifying and mobilizing voters — and his progressive platform will now face off against the Trump agenda.

Mother of slain Parkland student wins Florida school board election

The victory is a big win for the coalition of voters mobilized on the issue of gun safety in the wake of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting in February.

Trump-backed nominee in Florida warns voters not to “monkey this up” by electing black Democrat

It look less than 24 hours for the GOP nominee in Florida’s competitive gubernatorial election to make a racist, dog-whistle comment about his newly minted Democratic opponent.

Today in Trump’s America: Andrew Gillum wins stunning upset in Florida Democratic governor primary

Gillum’s win comes as a shock given he was severely outspent by his opponents and never led in any public polls leading up to the primary.

Andrew Gillum, Ron DeSantis win primaries for Florida gubernatorial race

Gillum's historic primary win sets up a November battle with a staunch Trump ally.