Donald Trump defends Carter Page in Russia probe, whom White House officials say Trump has never met

Trump said Carter "blows away" the Russia investigation case, despite the White House claiming Trump doesn't even know Page.


Andrew Jackson: Donald Trump might want to rethink his opinion of our 7th president

Maybe Trump should stop praising this guy.

Twitter is roasting Donald Trump for clarifying he knows when Andrew Jackson died

Trump, who said Andrew Jackson was "really angry" about the Civil War, tried to clarify he knew Jackson died in 1845.

While praising Andrew Jackson, Donald Trump wonders aloud, "Why was there the Civil War?"

Donald Trump apparently forgot about slavery in America.

Trump visits grave of Andrew Jackson, one of the most racist presidents in US history

Jackson forcibly removed 46,000 Native Americans from their lands in the South. Over 4,000 died on the Trail of Tears alone.

White House is keeping Kellyanne Conway off TV after "off message" remarks

Conway's TV absence has led to a "drama-free week" for the Trump administration, a White House aide told CNN.


Inauguration 2017: History's funniest, weirdest, and most important inauguration moments

Elvis impersonators, raging White House parties and other notable inaugural moments.

When will the presidential race be called? Here's when to expect the announcement.

Here’s when to expect a winner for president to be announced.

Donald Trump Thinks Slave Owner Andrew Jackson Was "Great," Should Stay on $20 Bill

Maybe Donald Trump isn't clear on just what Andrew Jackson "accomplished" as President.

Harriet Tubman Wil Be Sharing the $20 Bill With Andrew Jackson — And That's Problematic

Harriet Tubman, an abolitionist and former slave, will be sharing the $20 bill with Andrew Jackson, a slave owner.


5 Reasons We Should Kick Andrew Jackson Off the $20 Bill

The Trail of Tears, anyone?

These Before-and-After Shots of 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Are Spectacular

The mix of visual and practical effects is impressive.

We Should Replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bill With One of These Women

It's time to make some change — preferably in bills.


5 U.S. Presidents Who Were Never Fathers

The POTUS is often viewed as the symbol of the All American dad. However, these five presidents never had their own biological children.

Mark Sanford Election Results: Sanford Goes All In, Claims He Will Not Seek Office Again If He Loss

Today the electoral battle between Mark Sanford and Elizabeth Colbert Busch promises to be a tense and exciting race. Follow the PolicyMic liveblog as we give you live coverage and the results.

WHCD 2013: White House Correspondents' Assn. Pres. Disses Tom Brokaw

Hey Tom Brokaw, White House Correspondents' Association President wants you to know that this is about the journalists and the kids wanting to be journalists.

President Obama Would Have Been Censured by Our Forefathers For His Lack Of Transparency

President Jackson was censured by the Senate for withholding papers - President Obama is lucky that he was not in office in 1834, or he might have been censured for the same act.


CPAC 2013: Rand Paul Speaks

Rand Paul of Kentucky jokes about the sequester.

Presidents' Day 2013: 7 Most Impactful Presidential Quotes of All Time

When is President's Day 2013? On Feb. 18, a good opportunity to compare what seven presidents said (versus what they did) during times of crisis.

SOTU 2013: The Dubstep Teaser

For the first time ever, the White House has issued a dubstep teaser for the SOTU.

Inauguration 2013: Lincoln and Jackson, Two Historical and Timeless Speeches

This article is an installment in an eleven-part series on the inaugurations of incumbent presidents who were elected to additional terms in office.

'Honey Boo Boo,' and the Rise Of "Hick" Culture On Reality TV

Somewhere between the mess of 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,' 'Catfish,' and 'Buckwild,' hick culture became America's new reality TV fascination. But why on Earth did that happen?


Ahead of the Florida GOP Primary, How President Obama Can Win the Sunshine State Again in 2012

President Obama needs to mobilize Floridians who understand why he needs this second term to fully deliver on his vision for America's future that he shared with the nation in 2004.