Why do we get so mad when others show their financial privilege?

The recent 'Refinery29' money diary could not have painted a starker picture of income inequality in America.

Here’s the weird way anger can affect your beliefs about money

Your beliefs about money are surprisingly suggestible, new research finds.

This amazingly simple gadget makes your car sound like R2D2

Shut up and take my money.

'Overwatch' Dafran Banned: Highest-ranked player in North America was banned for trolling on Twitch

The highest ranking player in 'Overwatch' was banned

Officer who killed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards to be charged with murder

Oliver was fired earlier this week.

Officer who killed Jordan Edwards in Balch Springs, Texas, needed anger management in 2013

Former officer Roy Oliver reportedly frightened several attorneys during an angry courtroom outburst in 2013.

'Horizon Zero Dawn' Review: The game's greatest strength is its protagonist Aloy

Aloy is the best thing about 'Horizon: Zero Dawn,' and she may be remembered as one of the better video game heroes of her time.

Lin-Manuel Miranda says his high school bully was rapper Immortal Technique

"I got thrown in the garbage by him."

Police Officer Stephen Rankin Convicted of Manslaughter for Shooting William Chapman II

William Chapman II, a black 18-year-old, was unarmed outside of a Walmart in Virginia.

This Woman Staged an Angry Divorce Photo Shoot — And It's Cathartic As Hell

Someone give this lady a national holiday.

What Fighting With Your S.O. Actually Does to Your Body

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Resting Bitch Face Is Crucial to Humanity's Survival, Says Science

Our species couldn't live without it!

Protester Punched, Kicked by Donald Trump Supporter at Tucson, Arizona Rally

Another case of violence at another Donald Trump rally.

Watch Episode 6 of Flip the Script: What’s More Dangerous Than Syrian Refugees?

Don't ban Muslims -- ban hoverboards

This Is What Bad Grammar Does to You're Brain

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13 Stunning Photos Capture How Exhausting It Is to Deal With Daily Discrimination

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This 22-Year-Old Exacted the Ultimate Revenge on One of Her Childhood Bullies

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Why Righteous Snark Works For 'Jezebel'

Snarky headlines can still make virtual waves in a sea of cat videos, as the newly released 'Book of Jezebel' shows.

Workplace Bullying: Are You a Victim Or a Perpetrator?

Workplace bullying is no different than bullying in school.

"ME ME ME" Generation: Top 5 'TIME' Magazine Cover Parodies

The internet strikes back, this time against TIME magazine labeling an entire generation as "lazy, entitled narcissists."

Women Activists in India Face a Brutally Sexist and Violent Twittersphere

A prominent Indian news anchor claims she's leaving Twitter because of sexist and threatening remarks, indicative of a broader environment of online abuse facing Indian women's rights activists.


Charlie Sheen Twitter: Actor Rants About School Failing to Help Bullied Daughter

Sheen encouraged fans to sling dog excrement at his daughter's former school, as the adminsitration reportedly took a blind eye to a student relentlessly bullying his little girl.

Newtown Shooting: Why We Are All Sandy Hook Students on This Tragic Day

A mindless massacre is bad enough, but when it's kids ... young kids ... the mind absolutely reels.

Trayvon Martin and Shaima Alawadi Aftermath Shows Americans Are Afraid to Talk About Race

The deaths of Trayvon Martin and Shaima Alawadi should have been teachable moments. Instead, the opportunity for engagement and discourse has turned to experiential warfare.

Andrew Breitbart Blows Up at OWS Protesters at CPAC

The best response to partisan anger is to do nothing at all: to just forget about it.