What religion is Neil Gorsuch?

Gorsuch could be the first Protestant judge on the Supreme Court since 2010 — depending on how he chooses to identify.


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One priest in the Philippines added a holiday hoverboard to his Christmas service.

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This change could reverberate across other religious institutions.

Don’t Let Pope Francis Fool You – It’s the Same Old Catholic Church

Pope Francis has been widely hailed for shifting the Catholic Church's tone on social issues, but fundamentally he hasn't changed anything. And won't.

Church Of England Votes to Allow Female Bishops, But Will It Actually Ordain Any?

The Church's decision to allow female bishops is a major step forward for gender equality. But the road to real progress is slow and rocky.

New Pope 2013: Pope Francis Not What Today's Catholics Need

The new pope won't improve the status of women or take a more progressive approach to the religion, only disappoint Catholics calling for reform.

New Pope 2013: When Will We Have a Female Pope?

Over 59% of Catholics support female priests but the Vatican forbids it. How will the new Pope modernize the Catholic Church and allow it to include more female leaders?

New Pope Announcement: Pink Smoke Signals Women's Push For Female Priests

Women from around the world have gathered in Italy to shoot flares of pink smoke into the sky as they protest the Catholic Church's disallowing of female priests.

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Valentine's Day 2013: Just Another Holiday That Fell Victim to Materialism

Pundit Evette Dionne says Valentine's Day is just another holiday that fell victim to materialism.


Pope Resigns 2013: New Leader Doesn't Mean Reform For the Catholic Church

Given the list of prospective replacements for Pope Benedict, there doesn’t seem to be much hope for widespread reform on traditional stances taken by the Catholic Church.

Church of England Approves Gay Bishops, Creating New Problems For Modern Religion

The Church of England recently ruled that gay men could serve as bishops, as long as they are celibate. It is a step forward, but creates more problems than it solves.

Church of England Lifts Ban On Gay Male Bishops, If They're Celibate

The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement welcomed the decision but said that gay bishops should not have to be celibate.

Church of England: Why It Will Not Allow Women to Lead

The Church of England rejected a proposal to allow female bishops by a mere six votes.