Trump decries Russia investigation, claims “anger and unity” among Republicans in Sunday tweets

With the first arrest in the Russia investigation potentially a day away, Trump is trying to shift the blame to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

The fight for a lobster emoji: How one little symbol can impact tourism, restaurant sales and beyond

Maine’s “lobster culture” drives tourism, which represents one-fifth of the state’s total sales.

Department of Education denied access to a low-income program over a formatting error

Betsy DeVos' Department of Education is taking red tape to another level.

The Most Important Political Party This Election Isn't a Party At All

It's been nice, Republicans and Democrats.

Meeting to Make America Work: A Call to Action [LIVE]

[#MMAW] - No Labels "Meeting to Make America Work" seeks to send a message to America: Enough with the fanaticism. It's time to work together.

Maine Election Results: Angus King Takes Senate Seat Left by Olympia Snowe

Independent Angus King has won Olympia Snowe's Senate seat in Maine. Will his stint as senator showcase his tendency to favor pragmatic solutions?


Maine GOP Silences Ron Paul Supporters and This Gary Johnson-Endorsed Candidate for Senate

Maine's Senate race is both odd and amusing, especially when you are in the middle of it. The constant whining between the three establishment candidates makes them sound like spoiled children.

Warren vs Brown Polls: Massachusetts Race Will Help Democrats Keep Control of the Senate

With Romney unable to stop his free falling in the polls, attention has turned to the Senate and whether Republicans will be able to snatch it from fired up Democrats.

Claire McCaskill vs Todd Akin Polls: Why the GOP is Unlikely to Gain Control of Senate in 2012

One-third of the Senate seats are up for re-election. As Mitt Romney and Barack Obama face off in the presidential election, will the GOP be able to gain control of the Senate?

Maine Primary Results: Angus King Will Win Olympia Snowe Senate Seat, But Her Legacy is Lost

Maine primaries will bring a whole lot of nothing to the table, King still the favorite in November.

Maine Primary Results: Angus King to Face Off Against Summers, Dill for Olympia Snowe Senate Seat

Angus King may be the only moderate left in Maine who can carry out Olympia Snowe's legacy of bipartisanship in the Senate. Carlie Summers and Cynthia Dill will be on the ballot.


Maine Primary Results: Angus King Will Dominate in the 2012 General Election

King will likely replace Olympia Snowe in Maine.