The presidential turkey pardoning is a cruel tradition — here’s what happens after the big day

The birds who have the honor of being pardoned are shampooed and dusted with baby powder "to make them glisten and get soft before meeting the president."

Amsterdam’s best hidden attraction is a houseboat full of cats, where anyone can play with strays

The houseboat was bought by a woman in 1968, and has remained a home for cats ever since.

After 2 years, PETA has finally freed animals from their cages — on animal cracker boxes

Barnum's animal crackers are no longer in captivity, thanks to PETA.

L'Oréal uses EpiSkin, lab-grown skin, to combat animal testing

It's already a game changer.

Canada Goose claps back after PETA ropes Justin Long into its effort to shame fur wearers

"PETA misrepresent the facts and use sensational tactics, including celebrities, to try to illicit a reaction."

'A Dog's Purpose' movie is being investigated for potential animal abuse on set

'A Dog's Purpose' is a film that is supposed to celebrate animals, but the shocking video released by TMZ tells a different story.


PETA defends ad comparing rape victims to animals, cements reputation as troll of trolls

Rape survivors say they've already been dehumanized — but that didn't stop PETA from comparing them to livestock.

Appalling new PETA ad compares rape victims to animals

PETA wanted to make a point about animal rights — but exploited women to make it.

Julian Assange, Pamela Anderson and poison vegan food: Here's what's behind the conspiracy

Conspiracy theory: Pamela Anderson assassinates Julian Assange with sandwich while spying for Dems.

Woman Tries to Save Caged Husky, Ends Up Being an Even Bigger Hero

This woman's social media post saved 13 malnourished animals.

Jaguar Named Juma Killed After Appearing in Rio 2016 Olympic Torch Ceremony

"It escaped and ran off as it was being moved from one area to another in the zoo," Col. Luiz Gustavo Evelyn told AFP.


Woman Who Called Herself "Tiger Whisperer" Mauled to Death by a Tiger

But it could've been avoided.

If You Love Animals and Free Speech, You Should Be Worried About Ag-Gag Laws

"The whole purpose of these laws is to silence the debate."

The FBI Is About to Start Tracking Animal Cruelty to Help Them Fight Other Crimes

Roughly 63% of violent criminals started with animal cruelty.

Undercover Slaughterhouse Footage Shows Horrific Animal Abuse

It's disturbing but important footage.


The Surprising Way These Activists Are Using Veganism to Fight White Supremacy

Do white vegans care about black lives?

Ricky Gervais Lampoons Texas Man's Failed Armadillo Hunt With #Karmadillo

Portmanteau to know.


Minnesota Dentist Kills Beloved 13-Year-Old Lion "Cecil" on Zimbabwe Safari

"He needs to be extradited, charged and, preferably, hanged."

This Chinese Woman Traveled 1,500 Miles and Spent $1,100 to Save 100 Dogs From Being Eaten

"I don't have a home now, where the dogs go my home is."


In One Tweet, Ricky Gervais Shows the Next Thing Humanity Needs to Get Rid Of

It's much more gruesome than cartoons would have you assume.

Your Tax Dollars Are Funding a Secret Lab Where Farm Animals Are Starved to Death

The U.S. meat industry is making us lose our appetites.

An Argentine Court Just Made Animal Rights History

Sandra now has some of the same rights you do.

These People Will Be Naked at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for a Very Good Reason

They're sending a message we won't be able to ignore.