California passes Proposition 12, which means only cage-free eggs can be sold in the state

Some are hailing this as the country’s most progressive animal welfare bill yet. Not PETA.


Canada Goose claps back after PETA ropes Justin Long into its effort to shame fur wearers

"PETA misrepresent the facts and use sensational tactics, including celebrities, to try to illicit a reaction."

'A Dog's Purpose' movie is being investigated for potential animal abuse on set

'A Dog's Purpose' is a film that is supposed to celebrate animals, but the shocking video released by TMZ tells a different story.

Jaguar Named Juma Killed After Appearing in Rio 2016 Olympic Torch Ceremony

"It escaped and ran off as it was being moved from one area to another in the zoo," Col. Luiz Gustavo Evelyn told AFP.

Woman Who Called Herself "Tiger Whisperer" Mauled to Death by a Tiger

But it could've been avoided.


If You Love Animals and Free Speech, You Should Be Worried About Ag-Gag Laws

"The whole purpose of these laws is to silence the debate."

Ringling Bros. Circus Will Retire Its Performing Elephants by May

After more than a hundred years, Ringling Bros. is retiring its elephant act.

The FBI Is About to Start Tracking Animal Cruelty to Help Them Fight Other Crimes

Roughly 63% of violent criminals started with animal cruelty.

Undercover Slaughterhouse Footage Shows Horrific Animal Abuse

It's disturbing but important footage.


Police Have Arrested A Man In Connection To An Awful Case of Animal Abuse

There is something very wrong with North Charleston.

Ringling Bros. Is Ending Elephant Acts — Now SeaWorld Has No Excuse

The "greatest show on Earth" is attempting to live up to its name. Now it's SeaWorld's turn.

Your Tax Dollars Are Funding a Secret Lab Where Farm Animals Are Starved to Death

The U.S. meat industry is making us lose our appetites.

These People Will Be Naked at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for a Very Good Reason

They're sending a message we won't be able to ignore.

How 'BlackFish' Completely Revolutionized Activism in America

The documentary may have given animal rights activists a new playbook.

Striking Satellite Photos Show What the Meat Industry Is Really Doing to America

No, these are not watercolor abstractions.

How 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' Explains the Animal Rights Movement

The film speaks volumes lot about animal treatment in the movie business, or any business.

What We Should Say to Animal "Lovers" Who Only Love the Cute Ones

The "Puppy Doe" animal abuse case in Boston should inspire us to extend our compassion to all animals, not just those we know best.

Is Your State Fighting to Protect These Puppies?

While some states are finding ways to protect our puppy companions, others are dropping the ball.

Lobsters Feel Every Second Of You Boiling Them Alive

There is new scientific evidence that shows that lobsters and other crustaceans feel pain. It's time humans did something about it.

The Case for Closing Every American Zoo

Costa Rica plans to close all of its public zoos for the benefit of the animals currently in captivity. Here's why the U.S. should do the same.

Ohio Police Department Thinks Murdering Kittens in Front Of Crying Children is "Appropriate"

What happens when the animal shelter is full? An Ohio animal control officer took matters into his own hands and executed a litter of kittens in front of screaming children.

"Tape and Rape"? Tennesee Lawmaker Spews Vitriol About Humane Society, Earning Carrie Underwood's Wrath

Tennessee Rep. Andy Holt recent called the investigations of the Humane Society, "tape and rape." This set off a round of criticism, garnering the wraith of the queen of country Carrie Underwood.