How to unlock the Anita Hill monument filter on Snapchat

Thursday marks 27 years since Hill told her story to the Senate Judiciary Committee about the harassment she endured from Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas.

FBI begins investigation into Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations

Trump ordered the "supplemental investigation" after Republicans agreed to delay the Kavanaugh confirmation vote by a week.

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Plus, Anita Hill, Eric Reid and the Bill Cosby sentencing.

Fox News host on Christine Blasey Ford’s Kavanaugh testimony: A “disaster for Republicans”

Conservatives on Twitter are also having a tough time rebutting Ford's testimony on Thursday.

Anita Hill on Christine Blasey Ford, Kavanaugh hearing: “It’s hard for me to imagine it can be fair”

Ford accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of attempted rape.

Women advocates to recreate 1991 Anita Hill ‘New York Times’ ad — but with 1,600 men’s names instead

The campaign is inspired by the black women who bought an ad to support Anita Hill in 1991.

Republicans suggest they’ll hold Kavanaugh vote if accuser doesn’t testify on sex abuse allegation

Christine Blasey Ford suggested Tuesday she wouldn't testify until the FBI had probed her sexual assault claims against Trump's Supreme Court nominee.

Trump: “We will delay” Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation amid sex abuse allegations

The president still praised his nominee as an "outstanding person" with an "unblemished" record.

Anita Hill weighs in on Kavanaugh sex abuse allegations: “In 2018, our senators must get it right”

The law professor is urging senators to "do better" in handling Christine Blasey Ford's accusations than they did in handling her sexual harassment allegations against Clarence Thomas in 1991.

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Users across the country are using Mic's Snapchat lenses to erect digital monuments of Colin Kaepernick and Anita Hill.

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Did the Baby Boomers take their advantages for granted? Definitely. Did they mean well and attempt to give us the best future they could? Without a doubt.

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Sexual harassment existed long before the Thomas-Hill hearings brought it to America's attention. While things have undoubtedly gotten better, we have a long way to do.

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It wasn't long ago that the Supreme Court Justice's name was synonymous with scandal and sexual harassment, and his reputation makes him the worst Justice around today.