“This is not ‘America First’”: Right wing rages at Trump over Syria strike

The president is facing backlash from his "America First" allies.

Air travel tips: 5 things to know about your rights on flights

It may seem like airlines hold all the cards, but you do have rights when it comes to reimbursement for flight delays, seat changes and lost baggage.

Ann Coulter goes on unhinged rant after being moved to different seat on Delta flight

Delta told 'Mic' that Coulter was moved to a seat in the same row.

Hundreds rally in Berkeley, California, in response to canceled Ann Coulter appearance

The Ann Coulter demonstrations were largely peaceful.

Ann Coulter speech at UC Berkeley canceled again — for real this time

“This is a university, not a battlefield,” Berkeley chancellor Nicholas Dirks wrote in a note to students.

Bernie Sanders: Not allowing Ann Coulter to speak at Berkeley is "intellectual weakness"

Bernie Sanders tells Berkeley students to confront Ann Coulter intellectually rather than shut her down.


Bill Maher says Berkeley is a "cradle for f*cking babies" on 'Real Time'

Bill Maher defends Ann Coulter amid dust-up over her Berkeley speaking gig.

UC Berkeley reverses decision to cancel Ann Coulter event on campus

Just one day ago the school announced it was canceling Ann Coulter's planned event.

Ann Coulter's UC Berkeley speech canceled amid fears of protests, violence

University officials wrote it was "not possible" to assure "the safety of Ms. Coulter" or others at the event.

Even Ann Coulter is ripping Republicans apart for their disastrous Obamacare repeal bill

"Who wrote this piece of crap Obamacare replacement bill? Please be specific," the far-right host tweeted Tuesday.

Eminem blasts Anne Coulter and Donald Trump with brutal lyrics on Big Sean's "No Favors"

Eminem goes political again, like he did on his previous track "Campaign Speech."

Ann Coulter thinks you're "retarded" if you confused her Obama countdown for neo-Nazi code

Like Trump, she distances herself from the horde — but knows the value of its support.

White supremacists think this Ann Coulter tweet is a secret Nazi code

Coulter probably didn't mean to tweet support for white nationalism. But she's spent the election stirring up hate.

Ann Coulter tried to call out Michelle Obama, confused Beyonce with Nicki Minaj instead

So, you mixed up two black women while trying to criticize a third black woman?

Ann Coulter got eviscerated in Rob Lowe's Comedy Central roast, and Twitter is loving it

She seemingly came to promote her book, 'In Trump We Trust.'

Ann Coulter Calls Asian-American People "Mandarins" — and Insists She's Correct

"You're not gonna police my language!"

Watch Dan Savage Destroy Ann Coulter on Anti-Transgender Bathroom Legislation

"A child molester doesn't need to put on a dress to go into a bathroom."

Watch These Undocumented Americans Read and Respond to Mean Tweets

"I don't like the word 'alien,' because I feel like green is not my color."

When Is It Okay to Say "Retard"? Check This Chart

Did something not go your way?

New Immigration Law: How it Could Impact the Midterm Elections

Passing the immigration bill might end the GOP as we know it. But it could give rise to a new GOP — one that's more tolerant and pluralistic than the old one.

Immigration Reform 2013: Will the "Take Back Our Country" Movement Kill the Bill?

Immigration, same-sex marriage, feminism, the economy and radical Islam are challenging the notion of Americans being open, tolerant, and caring.


Gun Control Debate 2013: Fox News Deletes Ann Coulter's Disgusting "Joke" About Shooting Meghan McCain

In a now-deleted Fox News blog post on gun control, Ann Coulter suggested shooting Senator McCain’s daughter Meghan as a way to gain the attention of the Republican party.

Ann Coulter Says Pot and Gay Marriage is Why People Think Libertarians Are "Pussies"

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter called libertarian "pussies" at Thursday's episode of Fox News Business' 'Stossel' at the International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington, D.C.

What Does Ann Coulter Know About Being Black?

"If you're gonna talk about race, at least know what you're talking about," Whoopi Goldberg said to Ann Coulter. And she's right.

Ann Coulter Takes the Racial Plunge On Gun Crime

Racial coding: Check. Comparisons of two things that can't be compared: Check. And it's only Tuesday.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: Republicans Are Preparing to Cave on Taxes With the Help of Coulter and Kristol

Here’s a prediction: next week, Republicans will join Democrats in extending the Bush tax cuts for the middle class while allowing them to expire on the top 2% of earners. Here's the proof.


Ann Coulter: A Liberal Defense of the Conservative Pundit

“Well, then, you must be a retard.” Verbatim, what was said by fellow Dems when I tried to explain my complicated, ambivalent feelings about Ann Coulter.

Ann Coulter Silenced: Speaking Invitation Revoked By Cowardly College Republicans in Dubious Victory For Political Correctness

The Fordham University College Republicans capitulated to pressure from around the campus, canceling their speaking invite to Ann Coulter. Way to go, cowards!

Romnesia and Binders Full of Women: How Political Memes Distract Us From the Issues

Memes can be useful and fun, but we need to work harder than ever to understand not only positions we agree with, but also those we don't.

Voter Suppression Laws: Political IQ Tests Would Ensure Citizens Are Qualified to Vote

The election stakes are high for 2012. The issues are large and complex. Is it time for American voters to pass a political IQ test in order to vote?