You can now apply to do 'conservative outreach' for Google in Washington, DC

Google is bracing itself for a Trump presidency.


Stacey Dash Says Donald Trump Isn't Violent, He's Just "Street"

"He was born in Queens."

It's Not Just Donald Trump — The 2016 Election Has Been All About Dicks and Balls

Hi, Trump. Please never talk about your penis again. Sincerely, the world.

Watch Mitt Romney and Evander Holyfield Duke It Out in the Strangest Boxing Match Ever

The former presidential contender actually knocks the five-time world heavyweight champion to the ground.

Glitter Bomb Your Enemies With the Help of This Perfect Website

"We're taking one for the team, this shit gets on everything."


Republican Candidate in Nevada Defends Romney's 47% Gaffe, Hates Half His District

"Can I say that without getting in trouble, like Governor Romney?" Nope.

Here's How College Students Rated the Two Professors Battling For Eric Cantor's Seat

Republican David Brat and Democrats Jack Trammell both teach at the same college.

'Double Down: Game Change 2012' Confirms Mitt Romney Thinks Fat People Are Hilarious

What else did we expect from a known gay-bashing bully?

'Saturday Night Live' Recap: Kerry Washington's 5 Best Sketches

Kerry Washington easily brings grace and humor to a wide variety of characters, but some SNL episodes are just better than others: this one fell flat.

Republicans Can Solve Their Digital Problem By Throwing Money At It

Republicans aren't known for their love of excessive spending, but this is one area they'll have to make an exception.


Immigration Reform 2013: Rubio Calls Conservatives "Pro-Legal Immigration"

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our analysis of the day's news and our favorite stories from around the Web.

Romney “47 Percent” Videomaker Defends His Actions, Showing We Are All Journalists Now

The mysterious filmmaker who drastically altered the outcome of the 2012 election will be revealed on Wednesday. Through his actions, we see technology's transformative influence in politics.

Conservatives Need a Good Story, Not Their Own Film Industry

The GOP thinks it can balance out Hollywood liberalism by investing in a conservative arts industry, but what they really need is to learn how to tell compelling stories.

Taro Aso: 10 Awesome Gaffes By Japan's Joe Biden

Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso puts American vice president -- and American gaffe president -- to shame.

The 7 Biggest Political Losers of 2012

Any election year brings its fair share of losers. See who lost the most in 2012.

Top Twitter Trends of 2012, and What They Reveal About America

A look at the top Twitter trends of 2012, from anti-Romney campaigns to sports sports sports.

TIME's Person of the Year Should Have Been 'Women'

From business to the Olympics to politics, 2012 was a groundbreaking year for women and they deserved to be TIME's Person of the Year.

29 Things I Hope I Never See Again in 2012

KONY. Lindsay Lohan. YOLO. Honey Boo Boo. Go away in 2013.

Marco Rubio Pays Off Student Debt, Says College Should Be Affordable

The Florida junior senator, who rode the 2010 Tea Party wave and was recently criticized for claiming to not know how old the earth is, stressed the need for college affordability.

TIME Person of the Year 2012: Why it Should Be Nate Silver of the New York Times

The whizkid statistician has become a popular icon for his uncanny predictions in the 2008 and 2012 elections, but how much has he actually influenced our world?


Needing Freedom From Freedom: Recoving From a Democratic Election Season in Overdrive

After the election's end: relief. After two years of campaigning, and $6 billion spent, was all of that really worth it?

Election 2012 Missouri Results LIVE: SENATOR CLAIRE MCCASKILL WINS!! Romney Wins Missouri, but Obama Wins the Election

Follow along for the latest news from the 2012 election in Missouri from a Midwesterner who knows the score - and the state

Why You Should Vote Obama: Because Mitt Romney Has No Plan to Fix the Economy

As the presidential polls tighten and we near election day, voters should be clear that Mitt Romney is basing his economic plan on 2 unfounded ideas that will never work.

Why I Am Voting For Mitt Romney

Although Barack Obama came into office with high hopes, he hasn't delivered. It's time to give Mitt Romney a chance to be president.

Who Should I Vote For: Surprisingly Mitt Romney, If You Are a Woman

Mitt Romney has binders full of women, but why should women vote for him?


Romney Economic Plan Would Wreck the Economy For Good

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney calls for more freedom in the private sector, but his approach will only hurt jobs and the economy further.

Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney Head Down the Homestretch

Like Abigael Evans, we've all tired of the political advertising, and are ready for election day. The advertising is no longer necessary because people have made up their minds.

Who Won the Foreign Policy Debate: Obama or Romney?

The third debate is on foreign policy, a topic the President traditionally has a strong advantage in. Will bin Laden be the beginning-and-end of Obama's record? Or will Benghazi drag him down?

Presidential Debate Winner: A Clear Win for Obama on Foreign Policy

Tonight, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will meet for their third and final presidential debate at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida.