Kamala Harris’ questioning in the Comey hearing was an opportunity to break out and she slayed

Senator Kamala Harris is becoming a Democratic phenom.

'Persona 5' "Magistrate's Patronage" Question: How to answer the quiz and exam question

Baffled by your teacher's question about "Magistrate's patronage" in 'Persona 5'? We're passing you the answer, all secret-like.

'Criminal Minds' season 12, episode 19 reveals a new clue about why Reid is in jail

Wait, if Scratch didn't frame Reid... who did?

'Persona 5' Classroom Questions: Answer to the "How many colors..." question

If you're having trouble with the "how many colors" question, we got you covered.

The 5 hardest job interview questions — and how to answer them

Stumped on a tough interview question? Here's how you should answer.

When does 'Pretty Little Liars' come back on in 2017?

Get ready for the series' final 10 episodes.

Weird questions to ask Siri: What to say to Siri to make it mad

Why wouldn't you wanna piss off your digital assistant?

Fox News' Shepard Smith called Trump out for his BS — and viewers are ripping him apart

Longtime Fox News anchor Shepard Smith called out Trump for avoiding to address questions about Russia, and viewers are pissed.

'Pokémon Sun and Moon' Team Skull passwords: Mansion guide for getting past Guzma's grunt

Team Skull passwords: Wanna lay the beatdown on Guzma but can't solve those darn riddles? Here's every answer.

Calvin Harris Has Released a Song That May or May Not Be About Hiddleswift

"I see online that you've begun to be a good girl and take trips with your boyfriend." Hmmmmm.

CNN Asks Philando Castile's Mother to Respond to Thursday's Dallas Shooting

CNN tried to ask Philando Castile's mom about the Dallas shooting because black grief isn't a thing.

Mariah Carey Can't Find 1 Nice Thing to Say About Nicki Minaj and Still Doesn't Know J Lo

Mariah Carey brought the shade to 'Watch What Happens Live.'

Kylie Jenner Is Snapchatting Her Breakup Recovery Process and It Is Uncomfortable as Hell

Who is Kylie Jenner? Does Kylie Jenner know?

HealthTap Lets You Ask Real Doctors About Your Weird Health Issues Via Facebook Messenger

Because anything's better than trying to find the answer yourself.

Ask Siri About 'Game of Thrones' and You'll Get a Sassy Response

Siri can't give you a straight answer if you ask "Is Jon Snow dead?"

Kendrick Lamar Announces Lyrics Contest: How Well Do You Know 'Untitled Unmastered'?

Kendrick Lamar will award you for your knowledge of 'Untitled Unmastered.'

T-Mobile CEO Tries to Call Out Civil Liberties Group, the Internet Claps Back

This is what happens when you throw shade at a bastion of digital liberties.

This Is What Happened When Race Came Up at Miss USA



Watch Rand Paul Explain to a Female Reporter How to Ask a Question

Running for mansplainer-in-chief.

Jimmy Kimmel Gets Doctors to Tell Anti-Vaxxers What They Should Already Know

"I cannot fucking believe we have to make this PSA."

The Only 2 Questions You Need to Tell If You're With the Person You Should Marry

According to one new study, finding the right match isn't so impossible.

Science Has Discovered That Women in High Heels Could Rule the World

They possess a great and terrible power.

An Artist Asks Iranians a Simple Question – Their Responses Are Different Than You Might Expect

An Iranian artist asked people on the streets of Tehran what they would do if they could do anything. The answers may surprise you.

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Watch Malala Give the Absolute Best Answer to Jon Stewart's Hardest Question

This little girl will never cease to amaze and inspire. Check out the answer that made even Jon Stewart, completly speechless.