This week in food and travel: The bougiest restaurant at Disney World

As you head into the weekend, kick back with stories from the world of food and travel.

Antarctica will hold its first-ever Pride Month event in June

Ten employees of McMurdo Station kicked off the celebration by posing with a rainbow flag in April — while there was still daylight in Antarctica.

Mic Wakeup: Antarctica, Puerto Rico and patriotism are all in trouble

Here are three stories to get your Thursday started.

Larsen C: What is happening to the massive ice shelf in Antarctica?

Trump made his call on the Paris Climate Accord while a rift in Antarctica's fourth-largest ice shelf grew rapidly.

'Overwatch' Anniversary Event: 3 new maps are coming to the game in next update

Check out the new arena maps for the 'Overwatch' Anniversary event update.

Visiting Antarctica: How to travel to the world's most isolated continent

Ever wanted to visit the coldest place in the world?

14 powerful photos that show the unity of women's marches around the world

It's not just in D.C. It's around the world.

'Overwatch' Update: Mei's Antarctica wall glitch finally addressed, watch out for bans

Mei's wall-phasing tricks are about to become a thing of the past, thanks to an incoming 'Overwatch' update.

'Overwatch' Mei Antarctica Glitch: Players are reporting cheaters for abusing a map bug

As if Mei wasn't strong enough already, she can now attack people through walls thanks to an 'Overwatch' Antartica glitch.

Why Are the Glaciers Melting? Blame These Asshole Microbes

But, more so, blame yourself.


Explorer Henry Worsley Died Just 30 Miles Shy of a Record Journey Across the Antarctic

Worsley hoped to become the first man to cross the Antarctic unaided.

Virtual Reality Could Keep Astronauts From Losing Their Minds in Outer Space

With all that darkness, outer space can feel dispiriting. Here's a solution.

Good News! This Freezing-Cold Weather Is Not Going to Make You Sick, Says Science

Instead, blame your cooped-up family members.

How to Watch This Weekend's Partial Solar Eclipse

Sky-gazers unite!


Alarming NASA Images Shows Why You Should Care About California's Drought Crisis

Things are only going to get worse.

The Penguins of the Past Will Haunt Your Dreams

Science reveals the terrifying past of one of the world's most adorable creatures.

Who Your Neighbors Would Be if Pangea Never Broke Apart

Here's what the international community would look like if the continents never separated.

Startling Before-and-After Photos Show What Climate Change is Doing to Our Planet

Show these photos to anyone who denies that climate change exists.

Stunning Before-and-After NASA Images Show the Impact of the World's Greatest Threat

These photos should shut down any naysayers.

If You Loved the Jay-Z and Solange Fight, You Should See These Photos

These photos tell an incredibly important story.

A NASA Study Just Showed Us What a Terrifying Moment in Global Warming Looks Like

New research confirms scientists' fears.


Scientists Have Revived a 1,600-Year Old Organism That Was Frozen Beneath Antarctica

This totally challenges our notions of "living and dead."

What the World Would Look Like if the Polar Ice Caps Melted — An Eye-Opening, Viral Map

This stunning illustration predicts the catastrophic results of climate change.

The 5 Coldest Places on Earth

These locales are no strangers to cold — polar vortex or not.