Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Parts Unknown’ finale is a love letter to New York, the city he called home

Bourdain visits the Lower East Side, the neighborhood of his punk rock youth.

Airlines waste incredible amounts of food. Here’s how some are trying to do better

Airlines produce approximately 5.2 million tons of waste per year.

Anthony Bourdain was a fierce advocate for immigrants — and we could really use his voice right now

Without Bourdain to champion the rights of those who need it most, who's going to step up in this critical time?

What was it like to work with Anthony Bourdain? The ‘Parts Unknown’ crew spills in special episode.

“Only pet the baby when it’s sleeping" was Bourdain's philosophy for showing his crew appreciation.

Anthony Bourdain makes a case against Trump’s wall in season 12, episode 4 of ‘Parts Unknown’

"Loyalty is a big thing in Texas, and you ain’t gonna build a fence between me and my loyal friends.”

Anthony Bourdain’s legacy and love of food honored in special episode of ‘Parts Unknown’

“He cleaned up good, but he was also really comfortable out in the wild.”

In ‘Parts Unknown’ episode 3, Anthony Bourdain attends a funeral and grapples with life and death

In Indonesia, Bourdain witnesses a traditional Balinese funeral and talks about his own death.

‘Parts Unknown’ episode 2 is a rare glimpse of Anthony Bourdain through the eyes of a close friend

The episode — filmed in Asturias, Spain, with José Andrés — is the first in which Bourdain doesn't serve as the show's narrator.

In ‘Parts Unknown’ season 12 premiere, Anthony Bourdain reveled in his work: “I pinch myself”

This episode is the last one to feature Bourdain’s written narration.

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Asia Argento denies sexual assault allegations: “I am deeply shocked”

Argento called the report "absolutely false."

Anthony Bourdain contemplates happiness, life and death in the ‘Parts Unknown’ season finale

The final episode was filmed in Bhutan, a country that's been called "the land of happiness."

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A food trail celebrating Anthony Bourdain may be coming to New Jersey

A New Jersey politician hopes to honor the late chef with a 10-stop food trail in his home state.

“Everybody wanted to be a little bit of Anthony Bourdain”: CNN remembers Bourdain in special tribute

“I would describe myself as a lucky cook who gets to tell stories," Bourdain said previously. "I’m certainly not a journalist, I’m not a chef anymore. I'm a storyteller."

Mic Daily: Remembering Anthony Bourdain

Every day, 'Mic' brings you important stories from around the world that fuel conversation.

Meeting Anthony Bourdain inspired me to move across the world

I watched Bourdain on television for years, but it was an in-person conversation that led me to make a massive change in my life.

This week in food and travel: Remembering Anthony Bourdain

Every industry has its challenges, but this week we’ve been reminded of how difficult the food world can be, for both everyday restaurant workers and well-known figures.

Anthony Bourdain was more than a TV host. He was a guide on how to view the world.

Watching Bourdain wasn’t just like being transported to another part of the world; it was like being invited to share in someone else’s worldview.

A look back at the life of Anthony Bourdain, chef and television personality, who died at 61

Bourdain was known for his passion for storytelling, his outspoken personality and his deep love of food.

I’ve always dreamed of running my own restaurant. Here’s what happened when I staged for a week.

For anyone who's ever asked themselves, "How hard could it be?"

What’s Bourdain doing in West Virginia? Exploring food and politics in “God, guns and Trump country”

In the season 11 premiere of 'Parts Unknown,' Bourdain heads to West Virginia — an area of the U.S. that's often overlooked as a travel destination.

Netflix’s ‘Ugly Delicious’ docuseries will make you want to be best friends with David Chang

With his dad jokes and an appreciation for all kinds of food, you'll want to invite the Momofuku chef to your next dinner party immediately.

If you liked ‘Making a Murderer,’ you’ll love Netflix’s new docuseries on corruption in food

The new show comes from the minds behind 'Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.'

My six weeks with Ken Friedman: Reckoning with the idea that we knew, but couldn’t act

"I was another discreetly crying woman in the office. I didn't feel like I had the power to speak up."

Anthony Bourdain on not supporting women in restaurants more: “I see this as a personal failing”

Bourdain hasn't shied away from speaking out against sexual harassment.

Anthony Bourdain calls out the sexist practice of "assigning gender to food"

Plus, his preferred way to drink it.

Anthony Bourdain says these are the douchiest foods you can order at a restaurant

Certain overpriced foods are more about conspicuous consumption than true gustatory value, says the "Parts Unknown" star.

Anthony Bourdain was once broke and in debt. Here's his advice for struggling millennials.

Anthony Bourdain shares key wisdom on how to pursue your dreams — even if you're bad with money.

Tough guy Anthony Bourdain wants to rearrange David Duke's kneecaps

Bourdain is the hero the Twitter clapback era deserves.