Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized after falling in Supreme Court office

The 85-year-old associate justice fractured three ribs in the fall.

Trump cheers Kavanaugh confirmation: “Very exciting!”

After a 50-48 vote in the Senate, Trump's second Supreme Court nominee will ascend to the bench.

Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to Supreme Court

The Senate vote Saturday capped a contentious confirmation process that included sexual assault allegations against the Trump appointee.

Christine Blasey Ford says she’s “100%” certain Kavanaugh was her attacker

In a powerful testimony Thursday, Ford detailed her sexual assault allegations against the Trump Supreme Court nominee.

Murkowski suggests she could break with Republicans on Kavanaugh: “We need to be able to listen”

The Alaska senator is a key swing vote who could sink Trump's embattled Supreme Court nominee.

Republicans suggest they’ll hold Kavanaugh vote if accuser doesn’t testify on sex abuse allegation

Christine Blasey Ford suggested Tuesday she wouldn't testify until the FBI had probed her sexual assault claims against Trump's Supreme Court nominee.

Trump: “We will delay” Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation amid sex abuse allegations

The president still praised his nominee as an "outstanding person" with an "unblemished" record.

Anita Hill weighs in on Kavanaugh sex abuse allegations: “In 2018, our senators must get it right”

The law professor is urging senators to "do better" in handling Christine Blasey Ford's accusations than they did in handling her sexual harassment allegations against Clarence Thomas in 1991.

Hammered by Democrats, Kavanaugh insists “personal beliefs” won’t factor into Supreme Court rulings

Senators grill Trump's Supreme Court nominee on the second day of his contentious confirmation hearings.

Leahy slams Kavanaugh nomination process: “I never thought the committee would sink to this”

"Nothing about this is normal," Leahy said as Democrats seek to block Kavanaugh's confirmation to the nation's high court.

Movement Must-Reads: The future of Roe v. Wade and black-led efforts to reduce gun death

Plus, Maxine Waters as a progressive litmus test.

Trump says he’ll announce Supreme Court pick July 9

Anthony Kennedy, 81, announced he would retire from the nation's high court at the end of July.

Trump “immediately” begins search for Kennedy replacement that could bring dramatic shift to US law

Kennedy's retirement will allow Trump to cement a conservative majority on the Supreme Court — likely for decades.

Mic Daily: The rise of Dyke Marches, the effects of Justice Kennedy’s impending retirement and more

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Anthony Kennedy to retire from Supreme Court, giving Trump a second pick

Trump will begin looking for his second Supreme Court pick "immediately."

How will Trump's travel ban be enforced? Here's what the Supreme Court's decision really means.

The Supreme Court's order prevents most of the ban from taking effect before the case is heard, with limited exceptions.

How Trump's SCOTUS nominee, Neil Gorsuch, will change the direction of the Supreme Court

Neil Gorsuch is a strict constitutionalist and conservative. He will be no friend to progressives — and loved by Republicans.

Actually, Male Supreme Court Justices Are Rude AF to Their Female Counterparts

Knock knock. Who's there? Interrupting Supreme Court justice.

This Supreme Court Case Could Essentially Legalize Bribery, Legal Analysts Warn

Convicted ex-Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell may convince SCOTUS $177,000 in bribes was just free speech.

Kentucky Lawmaker Joseph Fischer Is Trying to Stop Marriage Equality

Some conservatives just can't accept love won.

Supreme Court Abortion Case Could Have Major Implications for Anti-Abortion Legislation

The Supreme Court's decision on this one Texas anti-abortion legislation will have implications for women across the nation.

Same-Sex Couples Are Getting Married Immediately After SCOTUS' Historic Decision

The perfect way to celebrate the historic ruling.

The Supreme Court Just Legalized Same-Sex Marriage in the United States

A watershed moment for same-sex rights in America.

The 7 Most Crucial Moments of the Supreme Court's Marriage Equality Arguments

"Liberty and equality are intertwined."

Everything You Need to Know About the Biggest Supreme Court Case of the Year

Female contraception rights and religious freedom rights are at stake.