Former Congressman Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months in prison for sexting a teen

Weiner exchanged sexually explicit messages with a 15-year-old high school student.

Anthony Weiner pleads guilty to charge of so-called "sexting"

But maybe let's not call it "sexting."

James Comey's testimony on Hillary Clinton emails got it wrong

The FBI is scrambling to figure out how to correct his testimony.

Sex and porn addiction may not be a legitimate illness, scientists say

People like Anthony Weiner might need to find another excuse for their misdeeds.

The teen who received Anthony Weiner's alleged sexts has harsh words for James Comey

The 16-year-old accused the FBI director of using her as a political prop.

Before he dismissed Anthony Weiner as a "perv," Donald Trump was his political patron

Campaign finance records show Trump started donating to Weiner nearly 20 years ago.


Hillary Clinton's campaign declares war on FBI Director James Comey amid new email review

"He owes the public the full story — or else he shouldn't have cracked open this door in the first place."

Anthony Weiner's cell phone has been subpoenaed by the US Attorney's Office

The former congressman reportedly sent sexually explicit messages to a minor.

Anthony Weiner may have been sexting with a 15-year-old — and it may mean jail time

The sexting may finally have landed Weiner in real legal trouble.

Anthony Weiner's problem isn't porn or sex addiction — it's Anthony Weiner

He's not an addict — he's a victim of male entitlement.

How we're talking about Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner reveals a sexist double standard

Quit the Huma blame and shame.


Huma Abedin splits with husband Anthony Weiner after latest sexting scandal

Looks like she's had enough of his sextcapades.

Anthony Weiner deletes Twitter account after latest sexting scandal

Anthony Weiner is involved in a third sexting scandal, the New York Post reported.

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Anthony Weiner Blames the Internet For His Mayoral Loss

Anthony Weiner thinks pre-internet era could have better suited his mayoral candidacy. I think not.


Millennials, It Was Your Moment, And You Failed

With the government shutdown now going on nearly a week, this would have been a great opportunity for millenials to show Washington who's boss.

Anthony Weiner Concedes: It's Over For Carlos Danger

Our long national nightmare is over ... but it was kind of fun while it lasted.

Weiner NYC Election: Sydney Leathers is the Cloud On Weiner's Last Erection Day

Sydney Leathers was back on election day to ruin a Weiner event and tweet up a storm about his campaign in a humiliating final touch to his clearly imminent defeat.

Trouble Voting in NYC? You're Not Alone, Weiner Had Trouble Too

A number of voters expressed trouble voting in NYC during the September 10 primary, Anthony Weiner included.

NYC Election 2013: Anthony Weiner's Most Embarrassing Interview Ever

This is how you bomb an interview, hard.


NYC Polls: Latest Numbers in the Mayoral and Comptroller Elections

Bill de Blasio is hoping to avoid a run-off by gaining 40%, and Eliot Spitzer looks to return to politics.

Latest NYC Mayor Polls: De Blasio Leads For Democrats, Tossup For Comptroller

The polls have been conducted. Now it's time for the voters to support their candidates on election day.

The Only Anthony Weiner Interview You Will Actually Enjoy Watching

The interview every media personality was dying to do and that Anthony Weiner never expected to get.

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