Judge rules anti-abortion protesters in New York did not unlawfully harass patients and staff

The protesters were accused of threatening, lying and harassing patients and escorts at the Queens-based clinic.

US pro-life group funneling money into a country whose laws have proved fatal for women

Human Life International has been siphoning money toward Sí a la Vida for years, supporting a deadly abortion ban in the name of "life."

7 contradictory quotes from President Trump on Planned Parenthood

The president hasn't always been consistent when it comes to his views on Planned Parenthood.

'Across the Line' Uses Virtual Reality to Put Viewers in Abortion Patients' Shoes

Viewers put themselves in the patient's shoes.

Doctors Say Abortion Video Referenced by Carly Fiorina Probably Doesn't Show an Abortion

"I dare Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama to watch these tapes."

Why the Murder of an Abortion Provider Resonates Six Years Later

"I'm appalled and shocked by this assassination, but I'm not surprised."

Abortion Rally Reels in Activists in Oak Park

An abortion rally in Oak Park, Ill., drew a crowd of people outside Dr. Cheryl Chastine's office to protest and protect what they believe are fundamental human rights.

Why is the Workplace So Unsafe For Abortion Providers?

Dr. George Tiller's tragic murder four years ago continues to serve as a sobering reality of the violence inflicted regularly upon reproductive health care providers.

Abortion Rights 2013: To Honor George Tiller's Legacy, Give to An Abortion Fund

On the fourth anniversary of the murder of Dr. George Tiller, a Wichita abortion provider, consider how giving to an abortion fund continues his legacy of reproductive justice.

Henry Morgentaler Dead: We Need More Abortion Rights Advocates Like Him

Henry Morgentaler, abortion rights leader in Canada, died today. His efforts led to the legalization of abortions in Canada.