Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized after falling in Supreme Court office

The 85-year-old associate justice fractured three ribs in the fall.

Trump cheers Kavanaugh confirmation: “Very exciting!”

After a 50-48 vote in the Senate, Trump's second Supreme Court nominee will ascend to the bench.

Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to Supreme Court

The Senate vote Saturday capped a contentious confirmation process that included sexual assault allegations against the Trump appointee.

Meet the conservative judges Trump is considering nominating to the Supreme Court

Trump says he'll name his pick to replace Anthony Kennedy next week.

Trump “immediately” begins search for Kennedy replacement that could bring dramatic shift to US law

Kennedy's retirement will allow Trump to cement a conservative majority on the Supreme Court — likely for decades.

The Supreme Court released its very own cookbook, featuring judges’ favorite recipes

With a new cookbook titled 'Table for 9: Supreme Court Food Traditions & Recipes', home chefs can finally try recipes beloved by the justices of the Supreme Court.


95-year-old Carl Reiner begs 80-year-old Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy not to retire

"I know what it means to be your age ... These are not ordinary times," the comedy legend writes in a 'New York Times' op-ed.

Will Justice Anthony Kennedy retire at end of Supreme Court term? Here's what we know.

Rumors that the 80-year-old swing justice may leave the bench are fueling fear of a second Trump pick on the nation's high court.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's intense workout routine is getting the book it deserves

RBG really may be our next workout superstar.

Gorsuch called Trump attacks on judges "demoralizing" on TV. The White House denied it.

What hearing was Sean Spicer watching?


Neil Gorsuch Confirmation Hearing: 5 things to watch for as Trump SCOTUS pick testifies

Here's what to watch out for as Neil Gorsuch prepares to face off against a grueling four days of confirmation hearings.

Appeals court rules Second Amendment doesn't protect right to assault weapons

Big win for gun control: The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that assault weapons aren't covered by the Second Amendment.

Trump Ban Appeal: Latest updates on the fight between Trump and a federal court over the travel ban

From Netflix to former CIA directors — they're all asking to ban the immigration ban.

3 things to know about Neil Gorsuch, Trump's Supreme Court pick

Trump's Supreme Court pick is a lot like Scalia.

How Trump's SCOTUS nominee, Neil Gorsuch, will change the direction of the Supreme Court

Neil Gorsuch is a strict constitutionalist and conservative. He will be no friend to progressives — and loved by Republicans.

Judge Neil Gorsuch would be a disaster for women's rights on the Supreme Court

Given the opportunity, the conservative judge would likely be the fifth vote to overrule 'Roe v. Wade'.

Neil Gorsuch is Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee

Gorsuch, a 49-year-old judge from the United States Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit, is Trump's pick for SCOTUS.

A complete guide to the judges on President Trump's Supreme Court list

If confirmed, one of these people will replace the late Antonin Scalia.

Here are 5 of the biggest issues Trump's Supreme Court could decide

Abortion, guns and transgender rights could all be heard.

Kimberlé Crenshaw reveals what Donald Trump and Clarence Thomas have in common

America didn't listen to Anita Hill. Now we're paying the price.

A complete guide to the judges on Donald Trump's Supreme Court short list

The president-elect has a rather long short list of SCOTUS nominees.

What laws can Donald Trump change? Here's what's at stake under President Trump.

President-elect Donald Trump has a lot of campaign promises to keep.

Clarence Thomas is accused of groping Alaskan lawyer Moira Smith in 1999

Moira Smith says Thomas groped her multiple times while at a Truman Foundation scholars dinner.


Donald Trump to appear with pastor who says he personally stopped a tsunami

Said tsunami was not, in fact, stopped by the power of prayer.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Regrets Her "Ill-Advised" Comments Blasting Donald Trump

"On reflection, my recent remarks in response to press inquiries were ill-advised," Ruth Bader Ginsburg said in a statement.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Doubles Down on Disdain for Donald Trump; Trump Goes Full Bully

RBG is not sorry for her Donald Trump commentary. In fact, she's not even done.

SCOTUS Just Eviscerated Texas' Anti-Abortion Law in 'Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt'

Justices Breyer and Ginsburg had some powerful words for Texas' anti-abortion law.