What religion is Neil Gorsuch?

Gorsuch could be the first Protestant judge on the Supreme Court since 2010 — depending on how he chooses to identify.

"Cool Pope" Francis Just Went Full Uncool With These Transphobic Remarks

There is not now, nor has there ever been, a woke pope.

Pope Francis Has Taken the Stand Against Sex Abusers the Church Needed Years Ago

"Families need to know that the Church is making every effort to protect their children."


A Historic Glass Ceiling Was Just Broken in One of the World's Most Important Churches

This change could reverberate across other religious institutions.

Phillipines Takes a Landmark Step For Women's Health That America Doesn't Have the Guts For

The huge victory for reproductive rights we're still waiting for in the U.S.

Immigration Reform 2013: Catholic Clergy Plead For Action

More than a dozen Catholic clergy from towns along the U.S.-Mexico border are urging Congress to take immediate action on immigration reform.

Church Of England Votes to Allow Female Bishops, But Will It Actually Ordain Any?

The Church's decision to allow female bishops is a major step forward for gender equality. But the road to real progress is slow and rocky.

Timothy Dolan Abuse: NYC Cardinal is Still Trying to Sweep Abuse Under the Rug

For an institution that prides itself on morality and religion, the Catholic Church seems to have an awful lot of pedophilia going around.

Nancy Pelosi Abortion: Catholic Priest Writes Confrontational Letter to Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi's controversial remarks on abortion have prompted a letter from an equally controversial priest.

Christa Dias: Was This Teacher Fired For Being Pregnant and Unmarried?

A pregnant teacher fired after artificial insemination has sued the archdiocese, arguing they fired her because she was pregnant and unmarried. Is it a violation of contract or discrimination?

Savita Halappanavar: Ireland Walks a Dangerous Line Between Church and State

Ireland offers the world a glimpse of what can happen when we begin to blur the line separating church and state.

Carnegie Mellon Parade: National Catholic League Demands Suspension Of "Naked Pope"

NCL is calling for the immediate suspension of a student who walked naked from the waist down and dressed as the pope from the waist up during the Carnegie Mellon parade.


Jesus Was "the Original Hipster," Or So Says a New Ad

The Roman Catholic Church's new ad campaign calls Jesus "the Original Hipster" in a push bring the younger demographic back to church and re-brand religion.

Nicholas Coppola: Gay Catholic Parishoner Banned From Church Involvement

After openly gay Catholic Nicholas Coppola married his partner, the pastor of his church said he was no longer welcome in the house of God.

Pope Resigns, But Don't Expect Any Changes On Church's Gender Inequality Problem

The pope's hardline stance against the ordination of female priests won't change with the election of a new pope. At least, not immediately.

For the Catholic Church Life Starts at Conception — Only When Convenient

Could the Catholic Church unwittingly become the undoing of the pro-life movement?

Roger Mahony Stripped Of Duties in Unprecedented Punishment By L.A. Archdiocese

Cardinal Roger Mahony was subjected to an unusual action by his successor, Jose Gomez.


Boston College Anti-Gay Vandalism: This Hate Crime Pales in Comparison to Church's Assault On Equal Rights

An instance of anti-gay vandalism at Boston College has the Catholic school up in arms, and rightfully so. But that's not nearly as bad as the attack the Church has been waging on equal rights.

Cardinal Roger Mahony Blamed in Abuse Cover-Up At Los Angeles Archdiocese

Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony is embroiled in the latest Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal.

Gay Rights Supporters Are Hypocrites for Anti-Church Views

A recent article about Cardinal Francis George in Chicago was met with bigotry from a gay rights supporter. It's hypocrisy.

Savita Halappanavar Death: Why the Ireland Abortion Tragedy Could Have Happened in the US

Last month, a Catholic hospital in Ireland refused to terminate the pregnancy of a woman suffering a complicated miscarriage. After three days of agonizing pain, Halappanavar died of septicemia.

Why I Left the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church is one of the most homophobic, anti-woman, sexually obsessed institutions in the entire world.


Roman Catholic Church Historical Reversal: Backed Gay Marriage In New Hampshire

In the second historic reversal in only two weeks, the Roman Catholic church now endorses civil unions in New Hampshire.