Supreme Court to hear travel ban case in fall, allows limited version of ban to go into effect

"We leave the injunctions entered by the lower courts in place with respect to respondents [who have a] bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States."

While You Weren't Looking: The Supreme Court went to work, and 5 more under-the-radar stories

As health care and Georgia's special election dominated the news this week, here's what you might have missed.

4th Circuit blocks Trump's travel ban once again

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals said Trump's travel ban "drips with religious intolerance, animus and discrimination."

What is "judge shopping"? Here's what Trump was tweeting about.

Here's what the president is talking about.

Trump's Travel Ban: What happens next for the legally challenged executive order?

It's been blocked twice and faces an uphill battle for survival.

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch's "right to die" opposition explained

Neil Gorsuch wrote the book on assisted suicide — literally.


What's next for Trump's Muslim ban now that the appeals court upheld the stay?

The courts dealt another blow to Donald Trump's Muslim ban — but what's next?

'Washington & Minnesota v. Trump': Latest news in the battle over Trump's travel ban

In a phone call with the appeals court, the Justice Department fumbled to prove the travel ban was immediately necessary.

At the last minute, the Justice Dept. moved to defend Trump’s ban — here are the takeaways

A court stopped Trump's Muslim ban — and the administration wants it enforced while it appeals.

A Federal Appeals Court Just Struck Down Gay Marriage Bans in Indiana and Wisconsin

A big win for marriage-equality advocates.

Thanks to 'Blackfish,' Seaworld Finally Gives Up One Of Its Biggest Fights

The outrage is finally turning into action.

Everything You Need to Know About the Biggest Supreme Court Case of the Year

Female contraception rights and religious freedom rights are at stake.

NYC Stop-and-Frisk Policy: Ruling Blocked By Appeals Court

The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals has blocked the ruling on NYPD's unpopular stop-and-frisk policy and removed the lower court judge from the case.

Verizon Wireless Rightfully Says the FCC Can't Decide How Bandwidth is Paid

The net neutrality rule of the FCC is in court again. Should the courts hold it, then dire consequences in telecommunications are to happen in the future.


Court Forces Journalist to Reveal Sources — Is It Game Over For Sensitive Reporting?

An appeals court ruled yesterday that NYT journalist James Risen must testify in the trial of a man accused of leaking US secrets. Why is this important? It means he has to give up his sources.

NSA PRISM Scandal: Should We Be Asking About Principles, Or Efficiency?

The fight over telecom immunity, concluded last year, raised an important question: Who is responsible for safeguarding our privacy?

Fair Sentencing Act: Are Crack Cocaine Laws Intentionally Racist?

Federal appeals court rules that sentences for people convicted of crack cocaine offenses should be retroactively reduced, calling existing drug sentencing laws intentionally discriminatory.

Shirley Sherrod Defamation Suit: Is the Late Breitbart Liable?

Larry O’Connor, a colleague of the late blogger Andrew Breitbart, is trying dismiss Shirley Sherrod's lawsuit, which alleges that posting an edited video that made her look racist was defamation.

A Fiscally Conservative Case to Abolish the Death Penalty

Regardless of whether it's morally right or wrong to execute prisoners (I personally think it is), the current method, necessary to guarantee individuals' rights, is not cost-effective.


Obamacare Likely Headed For Supreme Court Again Over Contraception Mandate

Get ready for Part II of the Affordable Care Act at the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court DOMA: After Decades of Battle, Gay Rights Set to Have a Landmark Year

DOMA and other anti-gay marriage laws could be reversed over the next year. Determining the true impact of such a ruling is impossible to do without reviewing Court politics.

Protect Purple Heart Imposters, But Change The Law To Deter Them

A new law making it a crime to falsely claim you received a military award like the Purple Heart has been deemed unconstitutional, and rightfully so.

Sixth Circuit Court Affirms Need for Health Care Reform

A court's ruling that the Obama health care bill is constitutional paves the way for a much needed new American health care system.