The iPhone XS and XS Max are finally on sale. But should you wait for October’s iPhone XR?

We analyzed the newest iPhones' features to help you decide whether to buy now or later.

With Apple iOS 12, iPhones show augmented reality in your web browser. Here’s where you can try it.

Here's a few tips on how to see augmented reality in your web browser.

Apple rumored to debut iPhone XS at Sept. 12 event, as speculation swirls

A new iPhone covered in gold, perhaps.

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In letter, Tim Cook, Jamie Dimon and other business leaders slam Trump’s immigration policies

The letter claims Trump's attacks on the H1-B visa program could "inflict substantial harm on U.S. competitiveness."

Left-wing news sites censored on Facebook aren’t in favor of banning Alex Jones either

"The idea that it's only far-right conservatives getting restricted and banned by these social media giants just isn't true."

Alex Jones’ InfoWars content removed from Facebook, Apple

Facebook removed four of Jones' pages Monday.

Apple’s next iPhone update will change how your location is sent to 911 during emergency calls

911 callers using iOS 12 may see quicker response times in an emergency.

The new iPhone update will turn Apple’s AirPods into pseudo-hearing aids

This helps justify the AirPods’ high price tag for people who are hard of hearing or those who just want to spy on folks in the other room.

Apple Memoji in iOS 12 combine Animoji with Bitmoji for all your emoji needs

Apple has introduced a much more customized way to express yourself.

Apple may be saving your browser history longer than you think

iCloud users, it's time to check your settings.

Apple’s latest update will disable your iPhone’s Lightning port if it hasn’t been unlocked in 7 days

This is all for data transfer reasons. You can still charge the phone, though.

How hard cider makers are reviving the apple industry

Cider styles in the United States aren't well defined yet — and that's a good thing for both farmers and biodiversity.

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What is a trade war going to look like, worst case? If President Donald Trump's protective tariffs go through, here is what to expect as a consumer, worker and at a global level.

This app offers huge discounts on restaurant food and groceries that would otherwise be thrown away

Karma's roster includes healthy fast-food chains and Michelin-starred restaurants.

MacOS High Sierra Root Bug: If you have a Mac computer, you need to update your software right away

Unless you want a total stranger to gain access to your machine, you should probably download the newest software update.

Black Friday 2017: Top deals at Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy & more, plus coupons & store hours

Your ultimate guide to the very best Black Friday discounts — at Kohl's, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy and others — plus coupons, 2017 store hours and info on freebies (hello, free coffee)!

Apple’s animojis and portrait selfies could work on cheaper devices — why are they only on iPhone X?

Apple is running out of reasons to convince you to buy a new phone each year.

People are already having a blast with iPhone X’s animated emojis that scan your face

This is the feature people are obsessed with.

Apple iPhone X preorders have massive delays — but you’re not screwed if you didn’t order one

If you didn't wake up and preorder at 3 a.m., here's what to do.

Apple iPhone 8 Release: Here is why people who live outside the US are lining up here to buy it

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 are Apple's most expensive phones yet — and they're even pricier abroad.

Apple’s iPhone X Face ID scanning is cool. Iris scanning is even cooler.

Your face is not a perfect password. Iris scanning is not only more secure, but more accurate, too, experts said.

IPhone X release date on your mind? Why the 10 is a case study in how Apple manipulates your desires

3 ways the iPhone X release demonstrates Apple's wiliest brand psychology tricks.

The coolest augmented reality apps you didn’t see at Apple’s iPhone X keynote

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