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Apple CEO Tim Cook calls out invasive tech companies: “Our data is being weaponized against us”

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The Chinese government infiltrated Apple and Amazon servers with a tiny microchip

U.S. investigators revealed that the servers containing these rogue chips were assembled by Super Micro Computer Inc.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says they’re not letting China’s government access user data

Encryption is encryption, no matter the country

Pulled over by police? Siri can quietly record video and send your location to an emergency contact

With a custom word or phrase, your iPhone can record the entire interaction.

For the first time, the FBI used Apple’s Face ID to get suspect’s information off an iPhone

Grant Michalski is one of six men charged with sharing child pornography and sexual abuse.

The iPhone XS smooths your skin in selfies. Here’s how to snap a more natural-looking photo.

The front-facing camera takes selfies that look a little too smooth.

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Apple rumored to debut iPhone XS at Sept. 12 event, as speculation swirls

A new iPhone covered in gold, perhaps.


Mic Daily: Sen. John McCain discontinues brain cancer treatment — and other stories of the day

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In letter, Tim Cook, Jamie Dimon and other business leaders slam Trump’s immigration policies

The letter claims Trump's attacks on the H1-B visa program could "inflict substantial harm on U.S. competitiveness."

Left-wing news sites censored on Facebook aren’t in favor of banning Alex Jones either

"The idea that it's only far-right conservatives getting restricted and banned by these social media giants just isn't true."

Alex Jones’ InfoWars content removed from Facebook, Apple

Facebook removed four of Jones' pages Monday.

Apple’s next iPhone update will change how your location is sent to 911 during emergency calls

911 callers using iOS 12 may see quicker response times in an emergency.

The new iPhone update will turn Apple’s AirPods into pseudo-hearing aids

This helps justify the AirPods’ high price tag for people who are hard of hearing or those who just want to spy on folks in the other room.

Apple Memoji in iOS 12 combine Animoji with Bitmoji for all your emoji needs

Apple has introduced a much more customized way to express yourself.

Apple may be saving your browser history longer than you think

iCloud users, it's time to check your settings.

Apple’s latest update will disable your iPhone’s Lightning port if it hasn’t been unlocked in 7 days

This is all for data transfer reasons. You can still charge the phone, though.

How hard cider makers are reviving the apple industry

Cider styles in the United States aren't well defined yet — and that's a good thing for both farmers and biodiversity.

Tariffs and trade war: From hiked prices to job losses, the best- and worst-case scenarios to expect

What is a trade war going to look like, worst case? If President Donald Trump's protective tariffs go through, here is what to expect as a consumer, worker and at a global level.

This app offers huge discounts on restaurant food and groceries that would otherwise be thrown away

Karma's roster includes healthy fast-food chains and Michelin-starred restaurants.