Nursing textbook claims direct eye contact with African-Americans is “aggressive behavior”

The textbook also equated all Arabs with Muslims.

These Muslim travelers had their Global Entry cards revoked. Now they’re suing the DHS.

Immigration attorneys want to determine if Customs and Border Protection were discriminating against Muslim and Arab travelers.

The Message Americans Are Taking from 'American Sniper' Is Terrible — and Predictable

Everyone's getting it wrong, but can you even be surprised?

France Is Pissing Off the Islamic State by Calling It Names

Even terrorist groups are susceptible to trolling.

Coachella Valley High School Mascot Needs to Go

And it's name is "the Arab."

Meet the Palestinian-American Writer Who's Setting the Record Straight on What it Means to Be an Arab Woman

We spoke with Naomi Shihab Nye last week at the Neustadt Festival about children's literature, Palestine, and the role of Arab American art post 9/11.

A Year After Anti-Muslim Film Sparked Riots, These Artists Are Sparking a Movement of Their Own

A year after rioting around the world over the "Innocence of Muslims" film, here's how Muslim artists around the world have set themselves apart from an image of the "angry Muslim/Arab."

Dearborn Arabs Targetted For Enjoying Summer in Their Garages

Arab-Americans in Dearborn, Michigan host parties in their garages during the summer months. The cops have been ordered to crack down. It may not be Islamophobia...but it's definitely very silly.

Are We Close to Seeing An Arab-American National Leader?

With the shift in demographics towards a more non-white population, we will see the emergence of more Arab-American role models in our nation.

Confessions of an Arab-American Woman

I am a "Star Wars" nerd, and a rock climber, I have a Korean-American boyfriend. But, it took me years to come to terms with one of the biggest parts of my identity; I am an Arab-American woman.

5 Things You Weren't Told About "Oppressed" Muslim American Women

Take it from an angry Arab-American Muslim woman: We are not oppressed, nor do we need to be liberated.

What MIA's New "Bad Girls" Video Says About Arabs

Despite her penchant for political commentary, MIA's latest work seems to perpetuate tired stereotypes of the Arab world.

Ron Paul Foreign Policy on Foreign Aid and the Middle East is Wrong

Ron Paul’s anti-defense spending agenda is not his fatal flaw; but his anti-foreign aid stance is.

In Beirut, An Illusion of Progress on Women's Rights

Women in journalism: Lebanese women may wear bikinis and host lavish cocktail parties, but pervasive gender inequality sits right below the surface.