Trump praised Arab nations decision to cut off Qatar possibly caused by Russian hackers

Russian hackers may have planted fake news to drive a wedge between Trump and Qatar, a key U.S. ally, CNN reported.

Saudi Arabia May Be Taking Misogyny to the Skies

Partying like it's 1755.

5 Incredible Art Movements That Exploded After the Arab Spring

Decades long government oppression in the Middle East has led to some of the most fascinating, and innovative art.

New Survey Claims Women in the Arab World Have Exactly Zero Rights

But what about the rest of the world's women?

Saudi Arabia's First Female Filmmaker Finds Her Voice

We sat down with Haifaa Al-Mansour, Saudi Arabia's first female filmmaker, to discuss 'Wadjda,' her film about a spunky 10-year-old girl, which will premiere in New York on Friday.

Syria News: Arab League Passes Resolution In Support of International Action

The regional organization of 22 Arab States officially came out in support of international action against the Assad regime on Sunday, offering a vague green light for U.S. action.


With Assassination Of Mohammed Brahmi, the Arab Spring Has Finally Come Full Circle

Tunisia has been thrown back into turmoil with the second assassination this year of a prominent political figure.

Israel-Palestine Peace: New Talks Are a Test For the Netanyahu Government

Just over a month after taking control of a new coalition government, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces a test. Is he serious about peace or are his critics right?

Arab Nationalism is Spreading On Two Year Anniversary of the Arab Spring

The Arab Spring has revived Arab nationalism. It is taking hold across North Africa and the Middle East.

Ramadan 2012: 11 Arab Countries That Oppress Their People During the Holy Month

Ramadan in the Arab world is about governments forcing more people to either be more religious.

Moroccan Model Presents Threat to U.S. Interests

What Arab Spring? Middle Eastern monarchs are following the King of Morocco's Lead in tightening their grips on power.


Hezbollah Faces Many Challenges in Lebanon, But War With Israel Could Bring it Back to Life

Hezbollah is losing its iron grip of power in Southern Lebanon amidst sectarian strife, but people would set their differences aside if there's another war with Israel.

In the Arab World, Tweet at Your Own Risk

Post-revolution Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Emirates, Bahrain … The list of Arab countries clamping down on their citizens based on Twitter statements is getting longer.

Iraq Arab League Summit hosted by Maliki seeks to paint country as Arab, not dominated by Iran

The view that the Arab League summit represents progress in the daily lives of Iraqis or that it is a sign of progressive pan-Arabism is an entirely misinformed and misled perception.

The Syrian Dilemma: A Call for U.S. Government Restraint

Providing arms to the resistance movement in Syria would be a reckless move for the U.S. government. Direct action against Assad must be taken, but not by America.

Arab League Calls For Joint UN Peacekeeping Mission in Syria to Curb Assad Crackdown

After the Security Council’s failed attempt to thwart violence in Syria, the General Assembly should support the Arab League’s peacekeeping mission in order to prevent further chaos.


Massacre in Syria Leaves 200 Dead: Will This Force the International Community's Hand?

The Arab League, with full cooperation of the international community, should start preparing for a humanitarian intervention in Syria.

The Arab League Must Intervene Against Bashar al-Assad in Syria

It's time for the Arab League to do more than go on "fact-finding" missions in Syria. They should help lead a multi-national intervention.

After Saudi Arabia Executes Woman "Sorcerer," U.S. Needs to Get Tough On Riyadh

In the wake of the Arab Spring, where calls for political freedoms, and democracy, have reset longstanding political systems, it's time for Saudi Arabia to abandon barbarism and get on board.

The Arab League’s Hypocritical Suspension of Syria

Syria’s suspension in the Arab League isn’t about human rights. The Arab League has simply fallen victim to the fight between the GCC and Iran.

The Arab League Must Suspend Yemen's Membership

The Arab League must focus on actions, not rhetoric, in order to quell the violent crackdowns by Yemen's Saleh.


Rebel Leader's Assassination Must Not Diminish Support for A Free Libya

A key rebel leader's death should not change the international community’s resolve to see a democratic Libya emerge.

Life of A Female Middle East Reporter (Part 2)

As long as there are Iman al-Obeidys, we need Lara Logans to bring stories of sexual assault in conflict zones to light.

Life of A Female Middle East Reporter (Part 1)

A "dumb blonde" question goes a long way when trying to defuse a heated room full of Hezbollah fighters.

Shifting Power Balances: The U.S. Middle East Policy Pickle

The United States must understand that new realities in the Middle East will require a renewed foreign policy, one that is less rigid and more flexible.

How Reluctance in Libya and Yemen Bolsters Al-Qaeda

If the West is not more active in backing the revolutions in Libya and Yemen, radical groups such as Al-Qaeda and its affiliates will fill the void and grow in power and influence.


In Libya, 'History Doesn't Repeat - it Rhymes'

Absent from the debate on U.S. intervention in Libya is the all-important question of why America is there in the first place?