'Wall Street Journal' reporter fired over ethical violations

The reporter was allegedly part of a potential business deal with a source.

Traditional Arab Clothing Does Not Mean I'm a Terrorist, Says Emirati Man Detained in Ohio

A businessman visitor from the United Arab Emirates was detained by police in Avon, Ohio, and accused of belonging to ISIS.

Jordan Is Planning to "Wipe [the Islamic State Group] From the Face of the Earth"

Jordan has launched an aggressive air strike campaign.

The Message Americans Are Taking from 'American Sniper' Is Terrible — and Predictable

Everyone's getting it wrong, but can you even be surprised?

Does Fox News Have Any Male Anchors Who Aren't Chauvinist Pigs?

Todays' cringe-worthy segments suggests otherwise.

This Map Shows Where You Should Move if You Want to Buy A Gram of Weed for $11

Where are the cheapest and most expensive places to buy pot? Check this map.

Dearborn Arabs Targetted For Enjoying Summer in Their Garages

Arab-Americans in Dearborn, Michigan host parties in their garages during the summer months. The cops have been ordered to crack down. It may not be Islamophobia...but it's definitely very silly.

Are We Close to Seeing An Arab-American National Leader?

With the shift in demographics towards a more non-white population, we will see the emergence of more Arab-American role models in our nation.

Confessions of an Arab-American Woman

I am a "Star Wars" nerd, and a rock climber, I have a Korean-American boyfriend. But, it took me years to come to terms with one of the biggest parts of my identity; I am an Arab-American woman.