Hope you love getting attacked by polar bears, because global warming is destroying their homes

Climate change is making polar bears hangry.

Ryan Zinke cites "scientific pursuit" in plea to let 6 oil companies survey Atlantic Coast

Zinke's Interior Department issued a request for an internal board to review six rejected seismic testing permits in the Atlantic.

Scientists have a creative solution to help the melting ice caps — make more ice

A scientist who worked on the project believes the idea may work.

Will Netflix's 'Frontier' get a season 2? Here's what we know.

Netflix's 'Frontier' has only been streaming for hours, but can we already expect a second season?

'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars' 2: Here's what to expect from the rest of the season

The winner will be crowned Thursday.

Low Arctic sea ice levels are the "new normal," according to NASA

NASA said these levels are here to stay — or else get worse.

Luxury cruise liners are now taking to the vast puddle of melt that once was the Arctic

This vacation was made possible by climate change!

NOAA's "State of the Climate" report reveals the horrifying records we shattered in 2015

We're pushing the environment closer to the point of no return.

Every Month in 2016 Has Broken a Temperature Record — And We Should Be Scared

For the first time ever, NASA created a mid-year climate report — because this year is so goddamn out-of-control hot.

Climate Change Effects on Weather Are "Possibly Catastrophic," Scientist Says

"We are, effectively, conducting a global experiment on the only planet we have."


This Prehistoric Bird Discovered in the Arctic Was Vegan Before It Was Cool

Today's kale lovers would have found an ideal dinner date in the Gastornis.

The World's Oceans Are Almost Totally Screwed

Things are bad and getting worse.

Brutally Cold Winds Are Coming to Ruin Your Week

Welcome to the first day of your worst week ever.


One Photo Sums Up Why You Should Care About Climate Change

Nice going, humankind.

A Simple Explanation for Why the 'Polar Vortex' Is Returning in the Middle of July

It's going to be 20 to 30 degrees cooler than average in the central United States.

Scientist Who Predicted the California Drought 10 Years Ago Now Says It May Get Even Worse

Climate change may be happening faster than even top scientists could have predicted.

Watch 16 Years of Arctic Ice Melt Away in a Stunning Video

This really puts climate change in perspective.

Watch: Unbelievable Avicii Cover Performed in Igloo Using Instruments Made of Ice

Music has always been about being cool, but the Swedish town of Luleå has taken that concept to a new extreme.

This is a NASA Photo Of the Polar Vortex Freezing the U.S. Today

Hey, do you think it's cold outside today?

10 Predictions That Will End Up Being True in 2014

A brief look at the world we'll be living in next year.

Canada Wants to Be the First Country to Own the North Pole

Santa Claus and Russia are not pleased.

5 Things the Other 49 States Can Learn From Alaska

For once, believe what Sarah Palin said: Alaska is a great stage for national issues.


Arctic Council Could Become the Most Important Political Body in the World

As the ice melts, the Arctic Council controls the future of economic development and environmental preservation at our northern pole.

Climate Change 2013: Why the Arctic Ocean is Turning Into Acid

The ocean's ability to absorb carbon dioxide may be slowing down climate change, but it’s causing another dangerous phenomenon.

Climate Change: Will Enough Arctic Ice Melt to Open the Northwest Passage?

A new study shows the Northwest Passage will be more easily traversed in the future. What does this mean for land rights?

Shell Oil Has Cut Corners and Put the Arctic At Risk During a Drilling Quest Fueled By Greed

Ironically, Shell’s debacles in the Arctic have made the environmental community’s case better than they could ever make themselves.