Additional remains of Sgt. La David Johnson found in Niger

“When they’re doing search and recovery, often they don’t find all of the remains at one time.”


Mic Wakeup: #FakeMelania, fake news and a real green card ban

It's Thursday. Here are three things you need to know.

Green card holders cannot enlist in the Army Reserve “for the time being,” Army confirms

"U.S. Army Recruiting Command has put Army Reserve enlistments on hold for the time being," an Army official confirmed to 'Mic.'

In the past 2 weeks, Donald Trump’s approach to immigration has shifted even further right

The president is ramping up arrests of immigrants, wants to deport more immigrant children and plans to shut down the government if there is no funding for his wall.

Mic Wakeup: Underestimating America, California’s progressive move and the army’s giant step back

It's Wednesday. Here are three things you need to read.

Add your own urine and this powder will turn into hydrogen fuel

Scientists invented a powder made from aluminum that can be turned into energy using human pee.


Defense Secretary Jim Mattis allows 6-month delay for transgender enlistments

"We will use this additional time to evaluate more carefully the impact of such accessions on readiness and lethality."

Thousands of immigrants who joined the military are struggling to get US citizenship

Joining the military was supposed to be a fast-track for citizenship — but thousands are finding that's no longer the case.

'Civ 6' Fall Update Notes: New maps, multiplayer, bug fixes and more

Civ 6 fall update notes, plus all the tips, tricks and hacks you need for world domination.

'Civ 6' Mods: New military units to improve your world domination strategy

The Moar Units mod for 'Civ 6' will be literally game-changing.

WWII veteran and former POW has harsh words for Donald Trump in new Hillary Clinton ad

Joel Sollender was captured by the Nazis and knows a thing or two about sacrifice.


J.R. Martinez to Donald Trump: Stop Disrespecting Military Veterans and Fallen Soldiers

The actor hopes Trump gets a lesson in human decency.

That Time Mike Pence Claimed Disney's 'Mulan' Was Propaganda by a "Mischievous Liberal"

According to Mike Pence, Mulan's "delicate features" make her a laughable soldier.

A US Soldier Was Denied Time Off to Attend a Baby Shower, and His Response Is Incredible

"Men don't go to baby showers"? Au contraire, mon frere.

The US Army Has Invented a Simple Way to Get Superhuman Hearing

TCAPS, a new system deployed with about 20,000 troops, significantly enhances a soldier's auditory capabilities.

New DARPA Robots Will Create 3-D Maps of Any Room Before Soldier Raids

VirtualEye will probe a room before a live soldier has to.


US Airstrike on Afghan Doctors Without Borders Hospital Ruled Mistake, Not War Crime

The October attacks killed 42 people and injured dozens.

Research Shows Mental Health Issues More Common in Veterans Than Rest of US Population

Veterans suffer from more mental illness cases than civilians, and sometimes they can't even get help.

Two Women Just Became Army Rangers for the First Time in History

G.I. Jane is back.


The Military's New Hoverbikes Are Straight Out of 'Star Wars'

Eat your heart out, Marty McFly.

9 Doubts Everybody Has in Their 20s That We Should Get Out in the Open

"Are my friends right for me?"

The Path to Closure in Iraq Leads Through the Courtroom

The very concept of a “war crime” might seem silly to some.


Pentagon to Congress: For the Love of God, Stop Buying Shit We Don't Need

"When we are talking about tight budgets, a couple of hundred million dollars is a lot of money."

Michelle Obama Has a Powerful Message for Female Veterans Struggling to Find Jobs

A poignant reminder for Veterans Day.

Q&A with Wes Moore, U.S. Army Combat Veteran

New York Times bestselling author Wes Moore on his military service and why all young people should serve.