Provence is vying to become France’s next art capital

Provence has long attracted artists like Pablo Picasso to its lavender-lined fields.


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Emerald Rose Whipple learned some of her life’s most essential lessons as a child growing up on the Garden Isle.

Finding yourself in SoBe

Inclusivity and diversity are at the heart of what makes South Beach such an iconic getaway.

7 artists created vibrant portraits memorializing Oakland stabbing victim Nia Wilson

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We commissioned a mural to drive tourism in my hometown — then small-town politics came into play

My town is most famous for Bonnaroo, the music festival that kicked off Thursday. But recently, it’s been in the middle of a First Amendment fight.

A quirky art exhibition in Berlin imagines what the future of food will look like

The world is changing — and so is food. In this exhibition, chickens wear VR headsets to experience pastoral life and huge slabs of "meat" are actually made from seaweed.

Florence’s female artists are finally getting the attention they deserve

After centuries celebrating its male artists, a feminist renaissance is hitting the city. Here's how to take a trip that highlights Florence's female painters, artisans, chefs and more.

Long known for music, Asbury Park, New Jersey, starts to embrace its artsy side

The city where Bruce Springsteen got his start is becoming a haven for street artists.

Burning Man might be fleeting, but it has left Reno as the unlikely haven for outrageously good art

The creative side of Reno, Nevada, has become a reason for travelers and artists to stick around long after the desert festival.

Let There Be Neon: A look inside the NYC shop that’s been making the best neon signs since 1972

As a design element, neon is old school, but the trend is evolving all over again.

Trump refuses to meet with American Nobel Prize winners, breaking with tradition

Several Nobel Prize recipients have been critical of the president. Now he's breaking with years of tradition and declining to honor them.

Lifecycling: Using art to breathe new life into a city

Local creatives give the city of Flint, Michigan, a renewed perspective with public art.

For some incarcerated people, art helps lessen emotional and financial burdens

Meet Corey and Carlos, who have been selling their art online to pay for daily expenses and court-related fees.

‘Overwatch’ Fan Art: D.Va, Tracer and 13 other characters reimagined in 1950s retro style

Tell me more, tell me more — like was Bastion a real car?

Stop trying to reveal Banksy's secret identity

Revealing the identity of Banksy is a great way to destroy the power of his work.

Why did Nick Cannon leave 'America's Got Talent'? The reason Tyra Banks replaced him

The longtime host of the show won't be back this season.

Instagram deactivated this artist's account — then ignored her for months

In February, without warning, as Sarah B. Whalen's follower count neared 10,000, all of her hard work was digital dust.

The 10 best US cities for creative workers to launch a career in the arts

If you enjoy art, music, film, theater, dance or other creative work, these places are tops for jobs, schools and resources.

'Ink Master' Season 9 Cast Photos Released: Meet the new 'Shop Wars' contestants

'Ink Master' season 9 premieres on Spike on June 6.

What time is the 2017 Met Gala? When to watch the red carpet arrivals

How to see your favorite A-listers at Monday's Met Gala event.

The GOP's Obamacare repeal is once again on the brink of collapse

Republicans are coming dangerously close to breaking a years-long promise to voters.

This artist's photo series perfectly captures what it's like #BeingBlackAndMuslim

"#BeingBlackAndMuslim means dealing with anti-blackness, Arab supremacy, and Islamophobia."

Meet Mona Haydar, a Muslim poet rockin' her hijab in an empowering music video

"So even if you hate it/ I still wrap my hijab/ Wrap my hijab/ Wrap my hijab."

Coachella Do Lab Lineup 2017: Who's playing the Do Lab stage

Amtrac, Bearson, Bleep Bloop and more are scheduled to headline.


Trumpcare Cost: The GOP plans to "drive down" health care costs. Will it work?

Paul Ryan says the plan will "drive down costs." Will it?

For artists of color, Donald Trump isn't America's biggest bully, it's erasure

ArtChangeUs has a blueprint for creative activism.

House Republicans introduce their plan to repeal, recycle and reuse Obamacare

But with less coverage for poor people.

Repealing Obamacare would be devastating for transgender Americans

The ACA requires insurers to provide transgender patients equal access to care. Repeal could scrap that requirement.