Steve Bell Trump cartoons: Here are the best from the first month of Trump's presidency

British cartoonist Steve Bell is skewering President Donald Trump with incredible satire stuffed into exquisite cartoons.

Trump just vowed to protect the Constitution — but law scholars say he's already violating it

Donald Trump just took the oath of office — and he may already be breaking it, according to 5 constitutional experts.

What does the president say when they take the oath of office?

One doesn't say much when taking the oath to become POTUS.

Samantha Bee Explains the Reason Hillary Clinton Must Win: She Isn’t Donald Trump

"Let’s hope Hillary doesn’t get lipstick on her teeth between now and November or it’s all over."

Pocket Constitution Becomes Best Seller After Khizr Khan's Powerful DNC Speech

The book hit Amazon's best seller list Saturday afternoon.

Donald Trump Criticizes Khizr Khan, Father of Muslim Soldier Who Died Serving in Iraq War

The Republican candidate said that the man "has no right" to criticize him.

Where to Buy a Pocket US Constitution Like Khizr Khan's From the Democratic Convention

A paperback copy of the document will set you back just a few dollars.

Armed Militia Occupying Federal Building Dubs Itself "Citizens for Constitutional Freedom"

On Saturday, members of the group took control of a federal building in rural Oregon.

OK, America: Can You Spot the Glaring Mistake on the Latest Rolling Stone Cover?

And it has nothing to do with Julia Louis-Dreyfus naked.

Mitch McConnell's Primary Opponent Loves the Constitution So Much, He Can't Remember It

Next time Kentucky Senate candidate Matt Bevin decides to talk about the Constitution ... he should consider reading the document first.


Egypt's Revolution Already Happened in the United States

The process toward a democratic Egypt has been violent and distressing. But so has been the course to democracy in many countries ... including America.

Egypt Constitution: What You Need to Know

While timing is definitely key, Egypt cannot afford another divisive constitution and a weak judiciary built on top of it.

33% Of Native-Born Americans Would Fail the Citizenship Test

Half of Americans scored 60% or lower on the USCIS naturalization test. If you were an immigrant, would you know enough about this country to become a citizen?

How I Learned to Love America

The attacks on Boston shouldn't shake America's faith in humanity. We are the children of a revolution.

Longest Filibuster Ever was 24 Hours 18 Minutes Long

Rand Paul's filibuster is about halfway to the longest filibuster in the history of the United States Senate.


Rand Paul Speech Blows Alexander Hamilton's Out Of the Water

Rand Paul's filibuster length well-exceeds an epic speech delivered by Alexander Hamilton at the 1787 Constitutional Convention.

Rand Paul Filibuster Does Not Go Far Enough

Requests for the president to clarify his stance on targeting Americans for assassination on American soil don't go far enough. He needs to assure the country that it can never happen.

State of the Union 2013: Obama Says Congress Was Kept in the Loop on Drone Program

Obama says Congress was kept appraised of his Drone Program and that he will be forthcoming and open on his Drone Program this year.

Obama SOTU: Return to Common Sense and Optimistic Future

With Rubio's speech, Republican elites hope to avoid the awkward SOTU response given by Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal’s the last time.

Watch State Of the Union LIVE Video

Only a few minutes to go until President Obama delivers the 2013 State of the Union address.


What is the State of the Union: A Brief History of the Event

What is the State of the Union? As we gear up for Tuesday night's address, here's a quick look at the history of the event.

State of the Union Address: why do we have these anyway?

Follow along at 9:00 PM on Tuesday for running commentary and analysis of President Obama's fifth annual State of the Union Address

What is the Presidential Oath of Office: Full Text

The presidential oath of office is mandated by the Constitution and at 35 words, it's short and sweet.

Obama Administration Shreds Constitution, Says it Can Wage War Unconditionally (+Video)

Defense Secretary Panetta tells Congress that international permission, rather than Congressional approval, provides a ‘legal basis’ for military action by the United States.