Amazon’s recruiting software that ranked men higher than women is a lesson in AI bias

The software reportedly penalized resumes containing the word “women’s.”

This artificial intelligence can guess your personality, just by looking into your eyes

Not only does it show that AI has the potential to read us like books, but it shows that our eyes could actually be portals to our souls.

Brian Brackeen of Kairos on the importance of artificial intelligence recognizing black faces

Facial recognition tech has a hard time parsing black faces. Even if you want to hide from the surveillance state, here’s why that’s bad.

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Looking for ways that robots are improving our health? Look no further than the factory floor.

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Looking for a new job in 2018? Coding gigs are hot, but you don't have to love math or science to get in on an emerging career area. Here are ideas and some smart advice.

‘Deus Ex’ Mods: GMDX 9.0 release brings the cyberpunk classic into the future

Bring your 'Deus Ex' game up to speed with the PC mod 'GMDX 9.0,' which just released.

This AI can "read" your mind by looking at your brain scans

Don't worry — you'd have to get an MRI first.

'Game of Thrones' author George R.R. Martin has a new TV show in the works

An early, gory novella from Martin is heading to Syfy.

5 top industries for entrepreneurs of the future: Start-ups in these high-growth areas can thrive

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How artificial intelligence and deep learning secretly control what you see on Facebook

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Google Smart Reply: Gmail will use artificial intelligence to let you answer emails faster

Google Smart Reply: Do you trust machine learning to answer your emails?

This college invented a futuristic solution to keep low-income students enrolled

This chat bot answers questions for students so admission counselors don't have to.

Portable robot turns your ordinary car into a self-driving vehicle

You won't need to shell out thousands of dollars.

Your next Ikea furniture might be scarily smart — the company wants to experiment with AI

Siri, Cortana, Alexa… Ikea?

The FaceApp selfie app had a racist whitewashing problem — so its CEO pulled the feature

Another day, another whitewashing problem in a selfie app.

Music will be made by robots in the future, investors are betting

Was that catchy tune actually created by artificial intelligence?

New 'Overwatch' Characters: Efi Oladele, a potential new hero, teased by Blizzard

Is this 11-year-old girl with a background in robotics and AI the next new 'Overwatch' character?

'NBA 2K17': NBA trade AI turned down the DeMarcus Cousins to New Orleans Pelicans deal

Some trades are so bad, even the AI in 'NBA 2K17' would turn them down.

'Suits' Season 6: David Reale talks Donna and ... the robot uprising?

'Suits' recurring guest star David Reale discusses his character's current story arc and working with Sarah Rafferty.

Prisma Editing App: How to make your photos look like artwork

Turn your photos into something special.

In Japan, the artificial intelligence uprising is well underway

Japanese insurance company Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance is replacing 34 employees with artificial technology.

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'Westworld' finale theories: Is Stubbs secretly a Host?

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Google promises its new Pixel phone has the best smartphone camera ever made

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RealDoll Might Release a Smart Sex Doll in 2017 — And It Might “Love" You Back

It's also working on a RealDoll with a robotic head.