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Jen Davis became famous for capturing striking portraits of the struggles of being overweight. Now, 110 pounds lighter, she still employs the vulnerability that captivated us all along.

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Jay Z's latest video actively pushed boundaries of race and class, as he questions hip-hop's role within the art world, and confounds the latter's critics.

If You Really Love Art, Don't Buy It From Amazon

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Don't Be a Hater Of Two Master Innovators

Jay-Z recently put on a performance with the noted performance artist Marina Abramovic. Does this mean that hip hop's most famous MC has finally won the hearts of the establishment?

Detroit Bankrupt 2013: Selling Detroit's Art Collection Is a Sloppy Fix, Not a Real Solution

Michigan's governor has placed Detroit under an emergency financial manager, but the plan to sell off the city's art collection is causing plenty of objections even among Republicans.

4 Questions With One Of the World's Leading African American Art Scholars

Dr. David C. Driskell is a respected artist, scholar, and historian. Here Driskell speaks about our country, our history, and what African American art means in the age of a black president.

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