Asian-American students suing Harvard over race-based admissions policy get DOJ support

“No American should be denied admission to school because of their race,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in the written statement.

Asian representation on TV isn’t much better post-'Master of None' — but there’s hope

'Master of None' was not a magic salve for Asian representation on TV.

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Why was no one fired from United Airlines over the brutal treatment of Dr. Dao?

United's CEO said the incident was "a system failure across various areas."

Kal Penn is tweeting out his old audition scripts — and they're unbelievably racist

Snake charmers, fire eaters and Gandhi lookalikes.

The Asian guy in 'Get Out' is just another tired portrayal of Asians in Hollywood

Go to the bathroom and you'll miss him.


Job applicants with Asian-sounding names are more likely to get rejected, new study says

Contrary to the model minority myth, there is no "Asian advantage" when it comes to job employment.

94% of hate crimes against South Asians motivated by anti-Muslim sentiment, report says

The amount of hate crimes targeting South Asian, Arab and Muslim communities are at an all-time high since 9/11.

MTV's Ira Madison III tweets off-color joke about Jeff Sessions' Asian granddaughter

The writer said he was attempting to call out the attorney general pick's previous statements about Asians.

This powerful photo series sheds light on the prejudice Asian-Americans face every day

Bowdoin's Asian Students Association speaks out against the model minority myth.

South Asians, Filipinos call out lack of inclusion in 'Times' video about racism

Brown Asians are still clamoring for representation.


Marvel's 'Iron Fist' missed chance to recast lead white character as Asian, some say

Here's why this white character should be Asian.

Alan Yang, 'Master of None' creator, just nailed the need for Asians on-screen

Alan Yang just nailed it — while winning an Emmy.

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Marvel had a great showing at Comic-Con, but this whitewashing blemish is hard to ignore.

Hey AP, Asian Actors Actually Are Worried About Hollywood "Whitewashing" — Here's Why

Asian inclusion is a real problem, although the Associated Press clearly disagrees.

#BeingAsian Tells the Hilarious and Powerful Stories of Being Asian in America

The hashtag #BeingAsian helped Asian Americans share their nuanced, humorous and sometimes upsetting life experiences.

A Papa John’s Employee Called an Asian-American Customer's Pizza Order "Ching-Ching"

Papa John's said they terminated the employee responsible for labeling the order with the anti-Asian slur.

Constance Wu Says Hollywood Execs Got Really Defensive About Her Whitewashing Comments

When Constance Wu talks about whitewashing Asian roles in Hollywood, white men get uncomfortable.

Asian American Parents of LGBTQ Kids Write Moving Letter in Support of Orlando Victims

"We, the Asian American Parents Who Love Our LGBTQ Kids, are heartbroken about the Orlando tragedy,"

#StarringJohnCho Website Just Found the Answer to Hollywood’s Diversity Problem

Most movies would be better if they were #StarringJohnCho.


Muslims, Sikhs and More Talk Safety Since FBI Started Tracking Hate Crimes Against Them

A vital conversation for the Donald Trump era.

54% of White Voters Think Life Is Worse for Them Now Than It Was 50 Years Ago

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