Trump on Syria airstrikes: “Mission Accomplished!”

The U.S., U.K. and France responded Friday to Assad's latest suspected chemical attack.


Trump has been commander-in-chief for a year. Here’s how he’s used the military so far.

He's expanded existing conflicts — and threatened to get the U.S. into new ones.

What are Barrel Bombs? Syrian President Bashar Assad has denied using the weapons.

They're arguably the deadliest weapons used in Syria's civil war.

Russia warns US over Syria in tense start to Rex Tillerson's Moscow visit

The U.S. and Russia clash on Syria as talks between the two countries get off to a tense start.

Trump won't say what his Syria policy is. We asked the experts: what's next?

The U.S. is at war with Assad's regime — but what that means going forward isn't clear.


Before Tuesday's sarin attack, Bashar Assad committed a litany of human rights abuses

Tuesday's nerve gas attack against civilians was far from the first atrocity of its kind.

Bashar Assad: How the Syrian president rose to — and held onto — power

Bashar al-Assad went from "geeky" doctor to authoritarian Syrian ruler.

Donald Trump has opened up a new war front. Here's what we know — and what's next.

"President Trump is willing to act when governments ... cross the line in the most heinous ways."

Senate reactions are divided over Trump's missile strike against Syria

Members of Congress react to the military strike President Donald Trump ordered against the Syrian government.


Trump, in statement on Syria bombing, says attack was response to use of chemical weapons

"There can be no dispute that Syria used banned chemical weapons," the president said.

Hours before strike on Syria, Hillary Clinton said U.S. should "take out" Assad airfields

The former secretary of state's timing was uncanny.

U.S. attacks Syrian government targets with more than 50 missiles, multiple reports say

Retaliation against the Syrian government came soon after a chemical attack.

Donald Trump more or less adopts Barack Obama’s Syria policy

The Trump administration said Assad must go — but like Obama, hasn't shown a willingness to back that threat with force.

What is happening in Syria? A timeline of the Syrian civil war and what you need to know

What you need to know about the Syrian civil war, the deadliest conflict of the 21st century.

Over 1,400 died in a 2013 chemical weapons attack in Syria. Trump wanted to do nothing.

Trump had strong words in response to a recent chemical attack in Syria. Four years ago, not so much.

Trump’s evasive news conference on Syria leaves Americans in the dark as to his plan

Trump says the chemical attack in Syria "crossed many, many lines" — but refused to say how he'll respond.

Syrian government says it has reached a ceasefire agreement with rebels and Turkey

Thursday's agreement is the second ceasefire this month — will it work?

Vladimir Putin Orders Russian Military to Withdraw From Syria

Mission accomplished, according to the Russian leader.


Republicans Say President Obama Is More of a Threat Than Putin or Assad

And Democrats aren't much better.

The Syrian Presidential Election Summed Up in One Devastating Cartoon

Hint: There is only one way to vote.

There Was Another Chemical Attack in Syria, and No One Noticed

What does this mean for global tension?

Assad Wants You to Think Syria Looks Like This Beach Town

But we all know the real story.


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This is What Bashar Assad Just Said About Nelson Mandela

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Why the Geneva Peace Conference Will Not Help Syria

The Syrian people stand not to benefit from the upcoming conference.

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We interviewed Aisha, an activist from central Syria who told us about the terrifying challenges faced by the women who oppose Assad — and how they're not backing down.