50 years after King’s assassination, the symbolism of his death keeps the desire for change alive

The murder of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. fostered a nationwide urgency for improving race relations. But progress has been slower than hoped, older and younger Americans say.


Portland stabbing victims honored with impromptu memorial

The city of Portland is honoring two heroes with a powerful outpouring of grief and support.

Trans woman facing murder charges says she was acting in self-defense

Campbell's lawyer said she'd never be in this position if she were not a transgender woman.

'Game of Thrones' Fans Are Freaking Out Over This Mindblowing Screenshot

Is a girl playing tricks on the Waif?

Amanda Knox Just Tweeted This Out — A Protest to the Italian Courts

"We are innocent."


JFK Conspiracy Theories: Should We Pay Attention?

It says something that conspiracy theorizing is a token trait of the American political psyche.

In Pre-Revolutionary Libya, We Had One Tyrant — "Now We Have Many"

My family's initial excitement following the defeat of Gaddafi is turning into frustration and impatience.

Jodi Arias Verdict: Will She Get the Death Penalty?

As the Jodi Arias murder trial moves to its final stage of drama, the jury must decide if they recommend she get the death penalty. A case full of sex and violence may finally be closed.

Jodi Arias Guilty

Jodi Arias has been found guilty by a jury of eight men and four women in Phoenix, Arizona.

Jodi Arias Verdict: Her Artwork is Guilty Of Mediocrity

Just when you thought the Jodi Arias trial couldn't get any weirder, the admitted killer and confirmed freak in the bedroom is selling her art online, and her productions are pretty dull.


Jodi Arias LIVE: Closing Arguments Underway

Closing arguments in the Jodi Arias murder trial begin in Phoenix, Arizona.

Boston Bombings: Why We Must Extend the War On Terror Even Further

In the wake of the Boston bombings, how can we increase our efforts to fight terrorism? We must defend ourselves and our way of life without apology.

Jodi Arias Trial LIVE: Last Day Of Testimony This Week

Live-streaming video of the Jodi Arias trial in Phoenix, Arizona. Arias is charged with murdering her lover Travis Alexander.

Jodi Arias LIVE: Murder Trial Live-stream

Live streaming of the Jodi Arias murder trial in Phoenix, Arizona.

Jodi Arias Trial LIVE Stream: Defense Psychoanalyst Continues Testimony

The Jodi Arias murder trial resumes Thursday after being canceled Wednesday because of Arias' migraines.


Jodi Arias Trial LIVE Stream: Psychotherapist Alyce LaViolette Resumes Testimony

The lengthy murder trial of Jodi Arias continues on Wednesday with more expert testimony for the defense.

Jodi Arias Trial LIVE Stream: Domestic Violence Expert On Stand Now

The trial of Jodi Arias continues with a domestic violence expert after defense witness Richard Samuels concluded his expert testimony on Monday.

Jodi Arias Trial LIVE Stream: Defense Psychologist Tries to Redeem Himself After Questionable Testimony

In the murder trial of Jodi Arias, Dr. Richard Samuels returns to the stand on Monday in an effort to do damage control.

Jodi Arias Trial LIVE Stream: Court Resumes After Woman Vomits

The Jodi Arias murder trial will resume Thursday after Wednesday's session was canceled after a woman vomited in court.

Jodi Arias Trial LIVE Stream: Arias Defense Witness Under Tough Cross Examination

The prolonged trial of accused killer Jodi Arias continues.


Rand Paul's Filibuster Should Be Only the Beginning Of America's Outrage Over Drones

Rand Paul's filibuster against drone strikes is a good start, but Americans should be infuriated about our policy of assassinating our enemies.

'The Gatekeepers' Movie Review: Fighting Terrorism At All Costs Takes Its Toll

'The Gatekeepers' highlights the perils of fighting terrorism at all costs, with Israel's battle against radical Islam serving as an instructive example for the U.S. in its own war on terror.

Chokri Belaid Assassination: Tunisia’s Turning Point

Fears are growing over political violence in Tunisia as a political opposition hero's death has sparked mass protests and questions on the stability of the fledgling democracy.

Ahmed Dogan Assassination Attempt (VIDEO)

A heart-stopping assassination attempt on Bulgarian opposition leader Ahmed Dogan during a live press conference failed Sunday - thanks only to a misfire.

Why is the State Of Florida Paying James Tracy $65,000 to Peddle Conspiracy Theories About Sandy Hook?

Florida taxpayers are paying a full-blown conspiracy nut to teach Communications at an institution of higher learning.

Assassins Creed III Review: A Great Game for Everyone, Especially History Buffs

Ubisoft scores another winner, possibly because they put everything you might want to do or know into each game.

Assassins Creed 3 Review: Everything You Need to Know About the New Game

As one of the most hyped games of the year, "Assassin's Creed III" has seen a lot of coverage and bears the burden of fan expectation like few other franchises.

Syrian Civil War: Why the Assassination of Al Hassan Will Not Spill Over into Lebanon

After the explosion and Major General Wissam Al-Hassan's assassination, Lebanon will have to worry about long-term security effects, but those don't include civil war spilling over from Syria.

6 Quirky Facts About Real-Life Middle Eastern Dictators

In honor of Sacha Baron-Cohen's 'The Dictator,' consider this: Saddam Hussein was a poet, Ben Ali loved ice cream, and Gaddafi was a fashionista.