Should 4-year-olds be taught consent at school?

In this episode of Mic Dispatch, Kendall Ciesemier explores the controversy surrounding consent education in schools.

‘Skate Kitchen,’ ‘13 Reasons Why’ show how teens often feel powerless in the #MeToo era

Teens often don’t have the words or the power to adequately confront sexual assault.

Why every restaurant should display this sexual harassment PSA on its walls

The poster aims to bring attention to what individuals can do if they feel they are being sexually harassed.

Florida Senate votes to advance gun safety bill

The Florida Senate has passed the state's first legislative package in response to the Parkland school shooting.

Sex-ed advocates say #MeToo is a good start — but our culture still has a lot to learn about consent

"One of the things that’s missing [from modern sex education] is an emotional intelligence and an empathy," said Andrea Barrica, the creator of an online sex-ed platform.

For the first time ever, Olympic villages will have sexual assault resource centers

Each of the four centers will offer psychological counseling and medical care, along with legal advice and ways to report violence to police.

Sexual assault has been ignored by administrators at black colleges in Atlanta, students say

Recent events at Spelman, Morehouse and Clark Atlanta call out administrators and campus police for failing to protect survivors of sexual assault and harassment.

4 female lawmakers allege sexual harassment in Congress, highlighting ongoing problem in politics

Women in politics are often the victims of the same predatory behavior women in any other male-dominated field face.

Women rally across France to protest sexual harassment and assault

In the wake of the Weinstein allegations and #MeToo movement, French women are mobilizing against sexual harassment and assault.

How Trump has quietly been rolling back protections for survivors of sexual assault

“Simply put, women’s lives are worse now than they were before Trump took office.”

Matt Damon said he thought Weinstein rumors were “none of his business.” Here’s why he’s wrong.

Matt Damon said Weinstein's reputation "wasn't his business" — but men shouldn't be following his lead.


Fox News misrepresents report of sexual assault by a trans person in a private residence’s bathroom

By failing to report an alleged sexual assault had taken place in a private bathroom, Fox News and several other media outlets perpetuated the dangerous transgender "bathroom predator" myth.

Harvey Weinstein’s alleged assault victims may not pay a cent to take him to court

Harvey Weinstein accusers could lean on companies that bet on lawsuits (to make a profit) by bankrolling cases: One is actively seeking Weinstein's alleged victims.

It can be empowering to share women’s stories of pain. But to what end?

The viral #MeToo hashtag shows us that coming forward with your stories of assault and harassment is important, but why are so few men acknowledging their own role in it?

The Harvey Weinstein allegations remind us that women are trained to feel guilty over sexual assault

Thanks to a cultural belief that women can prevent assault with the right steps, it's easy for them to blame themselves for every bit of harassment they experience.

Education Department formally rescinds Obama-era guidance on campus sexual assault investigations

The Department of Education made it official on Friday.

Sexual assault survivor groups and advocates pan Betsy DeVos’ plan for Title IX

Sexual assault advocates say DeVos conflated the number of falsely accused with the number of sexual assault victims — and that she seemed to be unfamiliar with the guidance she attacked.

Texas police officer who killed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards indicted on murder charge

Roy Oliver fatally shot 15-year-old Jordan Edwards as he drove away from a party in April.

Democratic senator calls for removal of Education Dept. civil rights head for sexual assault comment

The acting assistant secretary for civil rights said 90% of sexual assault cases can be attributed to alcohol.

Did Betsy DeVos hurt sexual assault survivors by agreeing to hear “both sides”?

A lawyer who attended one of DeVos' Thursday "listening sessions" on campus assault spoke out about her experience and concerns.

18-year-old man charged with intentionally hitting transgender woman with his car

The police say the suspect allegedly used his vehicle "as a weapon."

Betsy DeVos to meet with men’s rights activists in deciding the fate of campus sexual assault policy

Both sexual assault survivor advocacy groups and men's rights activists — who don't tend to believe women's rape allegations — will reportedly weigh in on Title IX guidance.

Bill Cosby’s new sexual assault trial has been scheduled for November

Prosecutors pushed for a retrial after a 12-person jury was unable to reach a verdict during Cosby's June trial.

Ava DuVernay to direct Netflix mini-series about the Central Park Five

The five episode series will be released in 2019.

Swedish comedian proposes “man-free” music festival in response to recent rape reports

Emma Knyckare would potentially allow men to attend her festival after "all men have learned how one behaves."

Swedish music festival cancelled after spate of sexual assault reports

Bråvalla's 2018 show will not go on after the festival logged high rates of sex crimes for the second consecutive year.

Trump's CNN GIF has a racist history on Reddit

Redditor HanAssholeSolo has quite the disturbing post history.

Hate crimes reporting is on the uptick, new DOJ report shows, but more than 50% still go unreported

U.S. residents have experienced an average of 250,000 hate crime incidents each year over the last several years.

Man spends five months on Rikers Island without knowing his bail was $2

Now Aitabdel Salem is suing both the city and his Legal Aid lawyers.