University of Missouri to revoke Bill Cosby's honorary degree

The president of Mizzou said Cosby's actions were not in line with the university's core beliefs.

California immigrant teen accepted to all 8 Ivy League schools

Cassandra Hsiao, from Malaysia, was accepted into all eight Ivy Leagues.

White nationalists are posting "Imagine a Muslim-free America" fliers on college campuses

Students have spotted posters at the University of Texas at Austin, University of Central Florida and Rutgers University.

Universities denounce Trump's Muslim ban, advise affected students not to travel

The nation's colleges and universities have rallied around their international students, but have little power to act.

Duke fan mocks Flint water crisis with sign at basketball game against MSU

Thousands of people without safe water is apparently OK material for sports trash talk.

This College Student Snapchat Romance Is a Love Story for the Ages

"I'm seriously in love with you."


Student Sit-In at Ohio State Forced to End After Threats of Arrest and Expulsion

The students were told they would be physically removed.

UC Berkeley Law Dean Sujit Choudhry Quits Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

It's been a bad week at Boalt Hall.

Columbia University Activists Are Demanding Justice for Marginalized Students on Campus

"Students have the power to make their schools more socially conscious, more just, and more educational."

Racist Yik Yak Threat at Michigan Technical University Leads to Arrest

"It's time we watch out for one another."


Manmade Debris Found in 1 in 4 Fish Sold in California Markets, Study Finds

This doesn't sound very appetizing.

Here Are the Shocking Price Tags of America’s Top Colleges This Year

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The Most Popular Colleges in America Aren't the Ones You'd Expect

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Stanford Is No Longer the Feeder School Into Apple, Facebook or Microsoft

In fact, the number one school isn't an Ivy.

55 Schools Across America Are Under Investigation for Their Handling of Sexual Assault

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10 Top Medical Schools Where Students Get the Best Bang For Their Buck

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Northwestern Football to Don Blood-spattered Uniforms Against Michigan

Northwestern University has collaborated with Under Armour to create a bold new uniform intended to raise awareness and support for America's veterans.


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Here's the Proof That Professors Are Raving Liberals

As academics debate intellectual diversity in higher ed, so many residents in the ivory towers across America insist diversity of viewpoint is present. Political contributions prove otherwise.