NASA just released Juno’s brand new images of Jupiter’s red spot — and they’re jaw-dropping

The Great Red Spot space storm is just a small swirl on Jupiter, yet it's still 1.3 times the width of planet Earth.

NASA is going to smash into an asteroid

The spacecraft will go nine times the speed of a bullet.

NASA sets its sights on 16 Psyche, an asteroid containing $10,000 quadrillion in iron

While most asteroids have icy or rocky bodies, 16 Psyche is made of primarily iron and nickel, much like Earth's core.

'The Expanse' season 2 was the gripping, unsettlingly timely show we needed in 2017

The interplanetary conflict on 'The Expanse' feels especially relevant right now.

Asteroid 2017 Fly-by: Watch the whopping, lustrous space rock 2014 JO25 soar past Earth

You're going to need more than just the naked eye.

NASA scientist: Earth is in no way prepared for an asteroid collision

Earth wouldn't be prepared for an asteroid strike — but don't worry just yet.

Elon Musk's Mars rocket can go "well beyond Mars" and he's crowdsourcing a new name

Just don't name it Rockety McRocketface. Please.

Scientists just discovered a possible ice volcano on dwarf planet Ceres

This was an unexpected discovery.

2016 Perseid Meteor Shower Will Be Twice as Impressive This Year: When & Where to Watch

Get ready for some stunning celestial fireworks at the 2016 Perseid Meteor Shower.

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NASA's Juno Craft Is Orbiting Jupiter — Here's Why We All Should Be Freaking Out

Juno has gone where no spacecraft has gone before.

4 Images Reveal How Many Potentially Dangerous Things Are Whirling Around Earth

There's a giant swarm of satellites, space debris and asteroids whizzing around the planet.

The Bright Spots on Ceres Just Got Even More Mysterious

Just when you thought the case was solved.

Here's What Would Happen to Earth if We're Hit by an Asteroid

We're pretty much screwed.

Earth Has Another "Quasi-Moon" — Meet Asteroid 2016 HO3

Turns out the moon isn't the only object hanging around Earth.

A Super-Bright Fireball Flew Across Arizona on Thursday — Here's Why

It left behind strange smoke patterns, too.

Is Mercury in Retrograde? Here's the Actual Science Behind the Phenomenon

Mercury is about to do something that happens only a few times per century. Don't miss it.

New Images of Dwarf Planet Ceres Reveal a World Full of Craters and Landslides

Dwarf planet Ceres has some huge craters, and we just got our first up-close look at them.

Dwarf Planet Ceres May Have a Huge Ocean That Could Support Life

This is a huge discovery.

A Comet Near Earth Just Made One of the Closest Flybys This Week

It wasn't visible by the human eye, but you can still check out the comet online.

These Blinking Lights on Dwarf Planet Ceres Just Get More and More Mysterious

Ceres hasn't run out of mysteries yet.

Here's How Close Earth Came to Colliding With Asteroid 2013 TX68

Spoiler alert: Not very close at all.

Asteroids Are Threats to Earth, So Let's Vaporize Those F*ckers With DE-STAR Lasers

If a stray space rock ever heads directly for Earth, we're in serious trouble.

Target Practice in Russia Means Blowing up Asteroids With Ballistic Missiles

It's for a good cause — but you have good reason to be scared.

NASA Just Released 11 Stunning Posters Revealing the Beautiful Future of Space Tourism

Forget that Eiffel Tower poster hanging in your room.