Total Solar Eclipse 2017: How to watch it online

If you can't make travel plans to see the eclipse, this is the next best thing.

Scientists discover giant, burning-hot planet KELT-9b

"This is the hottest gas giant planet that has ever been discovered," Scott Gaudi, astronomy professor at Ohio State University, told NASA.

The infamous "alien megastructure" star is back, and astronomers are grabbing their telescopes

Scientists can't figure out what this star is doing.

Researchers confirm that mysterious radio waves are actually coming from outer space

The signals are coming from outside the planet.

Harvard scientists say alien space travel may cause those mysterious fast radio bursts

It's speculative, but it's still damn cool.

Vera Rubin, the woman who discovered the first evidence of dark matter, is dead at 88

Vera Rubin's work led to the finding that 90% of the universe is made up of the material.

First Milky Way hydrogen map reveals how stars were formed billions of years ago

Scientists just made a huge step toward understanding the formation of the Milky Way.

Scientists just spotted a bunch of mysterious balls of plasma in space

They're like a stream of red-hot bubbles in space.

"Tabby's star" KIC 8462852 just got even more mysterious

Just tell us already — is it aliens or not?!

Astrology is bullsh*t. NASA's scathing takedown perfectly explains why.

NASA's epic Tumblr post is a scorching mic drop.

The largest radio telescope ever built will reveal parts of the universe we've never seen

And it could help us find aliens.


A nearby planet might have an oxygen-rich atmosphere — that’s huge news

It could be the first time we've found oxygen on an exoplanet.

This 'No Man’s Sky' 'penis bouquet' is going viral

It must be seen to be believed.

Kepler's K2 Mission Just Uncovered Its First 5-Planet System

This was a rare find.

NASA's Kepler Space Telescope Just Discovered 2 New Earth-Like Planets

NASA's alien-hunting Kepler Space Telescope confirmed 104 new exoplanets, and two of them might be a lot like Earth.

South Africa's MeerKAT Super-Telescope Just Spotted Hundreds of New Galaxies

South Africa's new MeerKAT radio telescope is only 25% finished, but it's already revealed over 1,300 galaxies.

Behold 1.2 Million Galaxies in This Incredible 3-D Map of the Universe

It's the most accurate measurement we have of a mysterious force called dark energy.

Astronomers Captured a Massive Exoplanet With 3 Suns and a Super-Wide Orbit

HD 131399Ab is a very unusual planet system.

China Just Finished Building a Giant Alien-Hunting Telescope

Our alien-hunting game just got a lot stronger with the completion of a huge radio telescope in the Guizhou province of China.

A Telescope the Size of Earth Just Captured a Supermassive Black Hole Eating a Star

Astronomers just got their most precise look to-date at a supermassive black hole gobbling up a star.

Gravitational Waves May Have Come From a Black Hole Pair Born in a "Mosh Pit"

How did those black holes end up so close together in the first place? Now we know.

Antikythera Mechanism, World's First Computer, May Have Been Used to Predict the Future

New X-rays of the Antikythera Mechanism reveal a clue about ancient Greek astronomy.

Legally Blind Astronomer Can See the Night Sky Better Than Most

He is able to see more light than others.

Universe Might Be Expanding Faster Than We Thought, Scientists Say

The implications are huge.

This Campaign Could Help Us Figure Out What That "Alien Megastructure" Really Is

Astronomers are taking matters into their own hands.

This 3D Map of the Universe Will Send You Into a Beautiful, Existential Angst

Suddenly, nothing seems to matter anymore.

This Mysterious "Red Rectangle" in Space Baffled Scientists for Over 30 Years

For over 30 years, astronomers were baffled by a star called HD 44179.