Scuba diving while black: Why the underwater adventure is even more challenging for people of color

One scuba diver has traveled the world — but dreams that one of her friends will join her someday, despite the stigma of swimming in the black community.


It's hurricane season, and FEMA and NOAA don't have leaders yet

The NOAA forecasts more big storms than usual. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has yet to appoint a leader for the NOAA, and the Senate has yet to vote on his FEMA leadership appointee.

Hurricane Season 2017: The truth about US storms and climate change

One expert says 2017's hurricane season will have above average in activity.

Where to watch 'RuPaul's Drag Race' in New York City: 6 bars screening season 9

Plan ahead for the season premiere.

Some of our paleo ancestors ate 100% vegetarian, new study finds

Some early humans ate pine nuts but no meat.

Where can you go that's hot in January? 18 destinations to escape the winter cold

Here's where to go to escape the cold in January.

Jeff Sessions' desegregation claims may not be true, according to report

The Atlantic unpacks the attorney general pick's claims about civil rights cases in Alabama.

Adidas' new sneaker is made from ocean waste — take that, Marjory the Trash Heap

In 2017, Adidas plans to produce 1 million pairs of shoes with recycled ocean plastic.

Americans work an hour more than Europeans — every single workday

Need a reason to move to Europe? Imagine having one extra hour of free time every day.

Hurricane Nicole latest updates: Where is the storm now?

Hurricane Nicole hit Bermuda on Thursday.

Will Hurricane Nicole hit the US? Here are the latest updates.

It looks like Hurricane Nicole will spare the U.S. a direct hit.

Hurricane Nicole 2016: Path, trajectory and where it is headed next

Residents of Bermuda should brace for a powerful hit.

Hurricane Matthew Monday Update: Here's the latest news on the deadly storm

Matthew is no longer a hurricane, but it's still dangerous.


Hurricane Matthew: Drone footage shows the trail of destruction storm left in its wake

The rising death toll is currently at more than 800.

Facebook Safety Check activated for Hurricane Matthew: Let your friends know you're safe

The status will be pushed out immediately to all of your friends on the platform.

Hurricane Matthew Florida 2016: Here's what areas and cities are being evacuated

Florida is bracing itself for Hurricane Matthew.

Hurricane Matthew path update 2016: Storm could deliver "devastating blow" to Caribbean

Hurricane Matthew is going to pound the Caribbean — and the U.S. might be next.

Tropical Storm Matthew 2016: Possible hurricane headed for Caribbean, US East Coast

While Tropical Storm Matthew is expected to turn into a hurricane by Friday, it is not yet clear whether it will hit the U.S.


Hawaii's Big Island has never been hit by a hurricane — but now 2 storms are on their way

Two separate hurricanes are headed for Hawaii.

Former Nespresso CEO says coffee pods are killing the environment

Keurig inventor noted that k-cups are just as bad.

Tropical Storm Harambe? Sadly, the National Hurricane Center won't rename the next storm

"I've never seen a request like this in the past," the National Hurricane Center told Mic.

This Glowing Purple Ocean Orb Is Mystifying Scientists

What the hell is this glowing purple orb the E/V Nautilus research vessel discovered off the California coast?

Donald Trump Shares Ominous Thoughts on NATO, Breaking International Relationships

Looks pretty likely that Donald Trump would torpedo NATO.

Why Lightning Strikes Affect Poor People More

Developing nations see higher rates of lightning deaths than the U.S.

The Caribbean Sea Is Emitting a Mysterious Sound — Here's What's Causing It

The sound in the Caribbean Sea is unlike anything scientists have heard before.

This Plane Just Crossed the Atlantic Ocean on Solar Energy Alone

The Solar Impulse 2 just successfully completed the 15th leg of its around-the-world journey.

One Video Nails the Pure Horror of Unpaid Internships

Unpaid internships are the absolute worst.