Georgetown renames buildings after slaves, asks for forgiveness for its role in slavery

In 1838, Georgetown University sold 272 slaves as a means to pay off its debts.

New Jersey elementary school under fire for slave auction reenactment

A substitute teacher at Jefferson Elementary School had a fifth grade class act out a slave auction.

In honor of Black History Month, here is how not to teach children about slavery

No, slaves weren't treated like "members of the family."

African Union tells Trump "our people were taken as slaves," but not as refugees

"This is one of the greatest challenges to our unity and solidarity."

What time does 'Taboo' premiere? Everything you need to know about the new FX series

The dark period drama 'Taboo' premieres Jan. 10 on FX.

Georgetown was made possible by slavery — now the university is atoning for its past

Georgetown was built by slaves — and now the university is trying to make amends.


White People Like Heidi Cruz Need to Stop Comparing Things to Slavery

Odds are good that whatever you're comparing to slavery isn't actually like slavery.

This Mom Just Took On a Textbook That Downplayed Slavery — And Won an Important Victory

A passage in a McGraw-Hill textbook referred to slaves as immigrant workers, rather than people captured and sold into oppression.


Japanese Designer Just Demonstrated How Not to Borrow From Another Culture

When the Rachel Dolezal comparisons start, you know it can't be good.

These Amazing Maps Show the True Diversity of Africa

Reminder: Africa is not a country

We Asked Americans to Label a Map of Africa After the Boko Haram Massacre

Our little geography experiment speaks volumes.

A New Version of an Old Christmas Song Is Going Viral — But You Shouldn't Listen to It

"One of the worst songs in history" just got even worse.

One Map Captures What's Wrong With How the West Thinks About Ebola in Africa

A geography lesson for those who still don't understand where the outbreak is really taking place.


CDC Director Reveals the Key to Fighting Ebola in the US

Hint: Locking your door won't help.

16 Incredible Facts Will Change the Way You Think About Africa

Africa's rise will make the Industrial Revoltion look like a rounding error.

You Can Now Dress Like A Slave, Thanks to This Popular Supermarket Chain

The latest in human bondage chic.

The World's Worst Countries for Modern Day Slavery

Yes, it's still happening today.


Things You Should Never Say to a Person From Africa

"Africa's a country, right?"

Watch As These Conservatives Recycle the World's Worst Talking Point

Unless liberals are actually advocating for slavery, conservatives need to cool it on the slavery analogies.

Black Couple Pulls Daughter From School After Slavery Reenactment

A school is in trouble for having a field trip during which students were treated like black slaves.

It's No Coincidence China's Huawei Corp is Taking Over Africa's Telecommunications

Many are becoming increasingly threatened in light of Huawei's influence in Africa. Is China using Huawei's technology for espionage? Should the U.S. be concerned?

While Gays in America Were Fighting For Marriage, Gays in 38 African Countries Were Fighting For Their Lives

38 African nations criminalize homosexuality, and a majority of Africans believe that homosexuality is wrong. How did the continent come to be so homophobic?


A Look at Lebanon's Polished Version Of Modern Slavery

What are the essential steps to finding a "maid" in Lebanon?

Obama Trip to Africa: Focus Will Be On Democracy, Trade, and ... Gay Rights?

Espousing democratic values and free trade are expected when the U.S. president travels abroad, but Obama threw a fastball when he also stood up for LGBT rights.

Charleston, South Carolina, Is Awesome

Coastal South Carolina has been in the news lately for it's wild political theater. But there's more to Charleston than Mark Sanford.

What This Baltimore Ice Cream Company Can Teach NGOs

NGOs fixated on the needs of a community tend to overlook its capabilities, and sustainable opportunities for development ... even when those opportunities present themselves in a waffle cone.