Government Shutdown 2013: Here's Why the Tea Party Wants to Keep it This Way

Those of us bewildered by the Tea Party's obstinacy on the budget appropriations are failing to consider a terrifying thought: What if they really like the government better when it's shut down?

Sisyphus, not Atlas

Rand Paul plans to talk for "hours" during John Brennan Senate floor debate.

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As Paul Ryan gears up for tonight's vice presidential debate, a look at the ideology and ideas behind Ayn Rand, the woman who he credits as "the reason I got involved in public service."

Paul Ryan is That Brutal Guy in Your Fraternity

Paul Ryan does p90X five times a week and can't even pronounce Led Zeppelin. My gut tells me he's a huge tool.


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As the discussion over who Romney will pick as his VP heats up, what is the likelihood of a Romney/Paul Ryan ticket? What would the Ayn Rand disciple and 'Ryan Plan' creator as VP really mean?


Ayn Rand Provides Libertarians With Selfish Economic Policy Based on Fiction

How did a mid-20th century novelist's personality and work so warp generations of American policymakers?