PS4 Update 4.72 Patch Notes: New system update improves performance and not much else

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Nintendo Switch Keyboard Controller: Cyber Gadget’s new dock brings typing to your Joy-Cons

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‘It Is As If You Were Doing Work’ browser game perfectly encapsulates the life of an office worker

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Asos proudly displays models with stretch marks on its website

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'League of Legends' Kayn and Rhaast: Meet the new human-demon champion

The patch introducing Kayn and Rhaast hasn’t yet hit the Public Beta Environment, but this teaser is good enough for players hungry for new 'League of Legends' champions.

Xbox One's new avatar options are a step in the right direction

Forget RompHims. Xbox Avatars are about to have completely gender neutral clothing, across the board.

The Grammys revealed one producer was behind all the biggest pop music of 2015 and 2016

Without this one artist, the sound of 2015 and 2016's blockbuster pop would have a very different character.

'Big Brother: Over the Top' spoilers: Which houseguest went home second?

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Looking at Ugly Buildings Is Making You Legitimately Unhappy

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Gene Therapy Could Be an Unexpected Treatment for ADHD

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5 Ways Music Affects the Brain — And They're Not Necessarily Positive

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Boosting Brain Function May Be as Easy as Playing an iPhone Game

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Science Has Great News for People Who Feel Bored All The Time

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Studies Show That People Who Doodle Have an Advantage Over the Rest of Us

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There's One Easy Way to Make Sure You're Good At Your Job

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There's Now a Foolproof Way to Detect ADHD

Detecting the disorder may come in the blink of an eye

The Most Important Factor When Choosing Your Next Apartment May Not Be the Price

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Football Star Dispels Myths Surrounding ADHD

Albert Castaneda is a high school footballer who has ADHD. Despite his enthusiasm and spirit, he is considered a "special needs" player because of his condition.

'Happy Endings' Showrunner Jonathan Groff On What the Smartest People in Hollywood Really Do

One of the most sought after showrunners in comedy, Jonathan Groff, talks to PolicyMic about the method behind the madness of doing one of Hollywood’s toughest jobs.

Kenya and Nigeria Attacks are Tragic, But They Expose What We Need To Learn About Terrorism

Acts of terror like the mall attack in Kenya are often unique in cause, but not in scope of tragedy. Understanding why violence is used can help counter their impact, and diminish reoccurrence.

Justin Carter: There's a Little Troll In All Of Us

The recent news of Justin Carter is another example of the potential gravity of our online posts. As the internet evolves, so too should the way we choose to communicate on it.

Facebook Hashtags: Facebook Adds Clickable #Hashtag Feature Similar to Twitter's

Facebook confirmed Tuesday that it launched an update to the site that allows users to follow conversations and topics via hashtags.


Americans Pretend to be Smarter Than They Really Are

Just how interested in politics are we?

This Seriously F*cked Up Week In Boston

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ADHD 'Epidemic' is Actually a Byproduct Of Modern Life

Mounting ADHD diagnoses suggest medication is not the answer to our technologically saturated and changing times.

SXSW Bands 2013: Bear Mountain Tells Us Why It's Worth It to Play For Free

Ian Bevis, front-man of the Vancouver indie pop group, talks about performing at South By Southwest, gaining popularity as a band, and music in the Internet age.