New York judge allows lawsuit against Trump Foundation to move forward

The judge rejected the Trumps' claim that the lawsuit was biased and politically motivated.

Republicans defend Mueller probe as Democrats vow action if new AG Whitaker doesn’t recuse himself

Republicans claim Mueller's fate is safe, but Democrats are still vowing to take action to defend the special counsel investigation.

Trial begins to determine whether Trump administration can ask about citizenship on the 2020 census

A nationwide study showed the question will be a "major barrier" to census participation, which could affect federal funding to states and cities and how congressional districts are drawn.

Maryland is now suing the Trump administration for attempting to “sabotage” the Affordable Care Act

The Maryland lawsuit comes on top of an existing legal battle between red and blue states over the ACA's future.

Governors threaten to withdraw from Title X program over “gag rule” targeting abortion providers

As a new "gag rule" becomes closer to reality, lawmakers and the medical community are speaking out about its potentially devastating effects.

Judge rules anti-abortion protesters in New York did not unlawfully harass patients and staff

The protesters were accused of threatening, lying and harassing patients and escorts at the Queens-based clinic.

DACA activists erect, then tear down, confederate statue of Jeff Sessions

Activists called Sessions a "living monument" to white supremacy.

AG Jeff Sessions: Trump “absolutely” needs to specifically condemn white supremacy

Attorney General Jeff Sessions also suggested the president had already specifically condemned white supremacists. He hasn't.

Here is a timeline of Donald Trump’s relationship with Jeff Sessions

Trump continued his Twitter attacks on Sessions Wednesday — reportedly while the embattled attorney general was in the White House.

Here are 4 key questions Jeff Sessions could face at his upcoming Senate testimony

Russia, James Comey, Michael Flynn and more.

DOJ opens investigation into fatal shooting of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards

His parents buried their son on May 6.

Trump suggests anti-Semitic bomb threats against Jewish centers are false flag operations

Trump said the bomb threats were carried out by "the reverse" in order to blame others.

Eric Holder warns of a "scandal," calls for investigation into Trump, Russia ties

Holder also said Jeff Sessions "poses a potential conflict" in leading an investigation into the administration's Russian ties.

Here's how long President Trump's travel ban will last for each country

Trump's ban blocks refugees, visitors and immigrants from entering the United States for upward of three months.

State attorneys general are leading the resistance against Donald Trump

"We will be there to take action," said Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey.

Stephen Zappala Loses Election After Exploiting Sandra Bland, Walter Scott in Campaign Ad

Bland's family has asked Zappala to remove the ad, but he has refused.


Mexican Mayor Charged in Disappearance of 43 Missing Mexican Students

A small step in the right direction.

If You've Had Unexplained Phone Charges, ATT Owes You Money

Good news, AT&T customers.

One Victim's Story Reveals Ferguson Police's Dark History of Brutality

Past cases of abuse by the police in Ferguson come to light.

Days After Michael Brown's Death, Ferguson Looks Like a War Zone

And it's only going to get worse.

Doug Gansler Shows You How to Lose an Election, Teen Rager Style

Here's a free campaign tip: don't get photographed with a bunch of half-naked drunk teenagers.


Obama Gun Control Speech: His 23 Executive Orders Won't Accomplish Much

President Obama signed 23 executive orders related to gun control. Some of these orders are good steps, but many are rhetoric and won't accomplish much.