Trump on bombing attempts: “This egregious conduct is abhorrent”

Trump condemned "acts or threats of political violence," despite his reckless rhetoric against Obama, Clinton and the media.


Report: Uber CEO Travis Kalanick to take leave of absence

Kalanick will step away from the ride-hailing giant in an effort to work on himself and on building out a “world class leadership team” for the company, according to reports.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions to double down on prosecuting drug crimes

Sessions seems ready to deliver on his promised "tough-on-crime" approach.

Exclusive: Eric Holder says Trump loosed a "spirit of disunity" in his first month as president

The former attorney general talks to 'Mic' about the new president, his civil rights legacy and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Former US Attorney General Eric Holder burns Trump hard for threatening to jail Clinton

"In the USA we do not threaten to jail political opponents."

This Is What People Need to Stop Saying When a Black Person Brings Up Race

This "trump card" just makes things worse.


The Huge Problem With How the Media Is Talking About the Ferguson Police Shooting

The blame game isn't helping anyone.

The Justice Department Just Announced a Big Step Forward for Transgender Rights

It's one of the biggest steps forward for trans rights in history.

Eric Holder Is Resigning as Attorney General

As soon as a successor is confirmed.

The Collateral Catastrophe: Serving the Invisible Life Sentence

Finishing prison time is just the beginning.

Eric Holder's Latest Quote Is a Huge Win For Marijuana Legalization

The Attorney General wants to make it easier for pot shops to do business.


Stop and Frisk Stops Nothing — Check Out How Cops Can Actually Fight Crime

Stop-and-frisk not only requires 1000 stops to recover 1 gun, but it damages community trust in police. Focused deterrence initiatives that involve community are a viable, effective alternative.

You'd Have to Be High Not to See the U.S. Has Lost the War On Drugs

Although Eric Holder's speech on reducing minimum sentences for drug possession is important, several other policies contradict this increasingly popular stance.

Eric Holder May Have Just Made One Of the Biggest Decisions in U.S. History

The Obama administration should be applauded for its actions today in offsetting the more egregious excesses of the Drug War ... but to what extent have they really achieved historical greatness?

Eric Holder Wants Less "Tough" and More "Smart" on Drug Sentencing

Eschewing Reagan-era policies, Holder calls for a sane criminal justice system.

Democrats and Republicans Agree: Reform Our Racist, Wasteful Drug Laws

Everyone knows that mandatory minimum drug sentencing laws are ineffective and hurt minorities. In a rare moment of bipartisanship, Congress has a chance to reform these laws.

Female Fox News Contributor Told to "Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth"

The same guy also verbally assaulted her and then asked, "What, are you going to cry?"

Stop and Frisk Lawsuit: Eric Holder and the DOJ Jump Into the Case Against the NYPD

The DOJ filed a brief that would implement a federal monitor with the NYPD if stop-and-frisk is found unconstitutional.

Eric Holder: Is the Attorney General Spying On Congress? Either He Doesn't Know, Or He's Not Telling

The attorney general was evasive when Senator Mark Kirk asked him the question. Holder had good reasons to be vague, but his answers won't satisfy many.

AP Scandal: Why It Proves Eric Holder Needs to Go

Attorney General Eric Holder either lied to Congress or a federal judge. In either case, he must step down.

Angelina Jolie Mastectomy: Her Gene Mutation is At the Center Of a Supreme Court Debate

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Eric Holder AP Probe: AP Phone Records Scandal Makes Him the Villain

With growing anger from journalists and politicians alike over the AP records seizure case, people are eager to find a villain in the case. But Holder's "recusal" excuse may be his saving grace.

Immigration Reform 2013: Eric Holder Mistakes It As a Civil Rights Issue

Attorney General Eric Holder says that immigration reform is a matter of civil rights. Do current laws discriminate unfairly? Or is that what immigration reform would do?

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: Obama Response to Unfolding Situation

President Obama has been briefed on the escalating security situation in Watertown, Massahusetts, were the Boston Marathon suspects were engaged by police.

Drone Strikes Pose Unforeseen Dangers to Citizens Across Globe

Drone technology is rapidly expanding. Sovereign governments must restrict the spread of technology

Eric Holder Tells Rand Paul That Obama Can Kill Americans On U.S. Soil

Attorney General Eric Holder tells Rand Paul that the Obama administration reserves the right to assassinate U.S. citizens without due process, even on American soil.


SOTU Schmoozing Underway

Three weeks after giving his second inauguration address, President Barack Obama is set to give his annual State of the Union. These Are the big take-aways you don't want to miss.

5 Reasons Why Eric Holder is Secretly a Feminist

America's Attorney General has quietly, but consistently been a steadfast ally for the feminist cause.

Fast and Furious: Attorney General Eric Holder Should Take Responsibility For Weapons Smuggling Op

Holder testified in Congress answering questions about Operation Fast and Furious. If, as suspected, he lied about his involvement, he should step down.

How Trayvon Martin Will Impact the Legacies of Barack Obama and Eric Holder

As African Americans, the gravity of Obama and Holder’s achievements in racial progress come with new responsibilities and considerations.