Trial begins to determine whether Trump administration can ask about citizenship on the 2020 census

A nationwide study showed the question will be a "major barrier" to census participation, which could affect federal funding to states and cities and how congressional districts are drawn.

Trump Foundation engaged in “persistent illegality,” New York attorney general alleges

Barbara Underwood is urging a New York court not to dismiss her lawsuit against the president's charity.

Judge rules anti-abortion protesters in New York did not unlawfully harass patients and staff

The protesters were accused of threatening, lying and harassing patients and escorts at the Queens-based clinic.

Why Eric Schneiderman’s resignation could actually be bad for Trump

Just because Schneiderman is gone doesn’t mean the investigations and lawsuits Schneiderman had going against Trump will go away.

The glaring hypocrisy in Trump aides’ response to Eric Schneiderman abuse allegations

The fact that Trump aides were dancing on Schneiderman’s political grave is notable for its glaring hypocrisy, given that Trump has been accused by more than a dozen women of sexual harassment.

New York attorney general seeks to close a loophole so he can prosecute Trump’s pardoned associate

Schneiderman — who has been a major adversary to Trump and his administration — is indicating that a provision in New York state law could prevent him from prosecuting Trump’s associates.


NY attorney general: Trump’s change to the census will hurt millions of Americans

The decision to ask census respondents about their citizenship could have tremendous consequences for you, New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman explained.

Net neutrality repeal prompts lawsuits and legislation from government officials and private groups

Government officials and private organizations across the country are taking action against the FCC's net neutrality repeal.

Rex Tillerson used email alias "Wayne Tracker" to discuss climate change, New York AG says

Eric Schneiderman says Exxon did not disclose in a subpoena that Tillerson discussed climate change under a pseudonym.

Airbnb NYC Lawsuit Blocks Innovation Unecessarily

Airbnb has had its fair share of legal problems, like the NYC lawsuit, but win or lose, the company is set to make waves in the hotel industry.