Aurora, Colorado Will Budget at Least $1.5 Million in Weed Tax Dollars to Its Homeless

And $4 million more may go to the cause.


There Are Only 16 Cities in America Where Women Earn More Money Than Men

And people still argue that the wage gap isn't real?

A Year After the Aurora Shooting Massacre, Absolutely Nothing Has Changed

The one-year anniversary of the Aurora, Colo., shooting came and went with little media attention. What has happened since?

CNN, Fox News Boston Marathon Bombing Coverage Has Been Islamophobic and Anti-Arab

Coverage of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing has focused only on the race and ethnicity of the two suspects, proving America is just as Islamophobic as during 9/11.

Sonny Archuleta Identified as Gunman in Second Aurora Shooting, 4 Deaths Including Shooter (LIVE Updates)

4 are dead after a gunman barricaded his home and fired upon officers in Aurora, Colorado - the same town where mass shooter James Holmes killed 12 and wounded 58 on July 20th.

James Holmes 2.0: Off Duty Cop Stops Movie Theater Shooting, Proving Guns Save Lives Too

Armed undercover agents could protect citizens from random mass shootings at movie theaters, shopping centers and even elementary schools, while keeping intact Americans' Second Amendment rights.


Wade Michael Page Shooting is Act of Terrorism, and Obama and Romney Need to Treat it As Such

Now that a second horrendous shooting has rippled through an American community, can we continue to sidestep a serious national conversation on the efficacy of our gun laws?

Milwaukee Sikh Shooting Reminds America of Our Gun Problems, In Case We Forgot

After the Wisconsin shooting, it's clear, as it has been for some time, that gun violence and the prevalence of firearms in our society are problems in dire need of consideration.

James Eagan Holmes Shooting: Mayor Bloomberg Leads on Gun Control, President Obama Does Not

In the wake of the Aurora, Colorado shootings, many are calling for more gun control. But this is hardly the answer.

Ryan Gosling Gangster Squad Film Could Inspire Next James Eagan Holmes

Ryan Gosling's new film, "Gangster Squad" is being re-worked in the wake of the Aurora, Colorado shooting.

Books That May Be the Next 50 Shades of Grey

There is no real way to predict the next big book or movies series, but if writers can channel certain timeless themes in literature it can help to catapult a series to the top.


James Eagan Holmes Aftermath: Mother of Shooter Wondering What Happened to Her Son

Compassion is an emotional embrace that allows us to connect to others in times of pain, suffering, and human betrayal. The Holmes family suffers no less than others.

James Eagan Holmes Shooting: Gun Laws Could Not Stop Batman Massacre

When considering policy responses to news like the Batman shootings in Aurora, Colorado, we should think carefully about both the costs and the likelihood of success.

Ron Paul Response to James Eagan Holmes Massacre is Right, But Not Reassuring

Individual armament is legal and increasing. This isn't the end of civil society or an unqualified good.

James Eagan Holmes Shooting: Strict Gun Laws Only Lead to More Violent Crimes

Many gun control advocates have been trying to insert their own dialogue when discussing James Holmes and the latest Colorado tragedy. Regardless, more gun laws will not stop criminals.

Dark Knight Rises Review: Why the Movie Broke Records, Despite James Eagan Holmes

Coming in with a record $161 million, the newest Batman movie proved resilient despite the Colorado tragedy.


The Joker Drug: James Eagan Holmes and Heath Ledger Tragedies Show Vicodin is a New US Epidemic

There have been two tragedies befall the Batman franchise, both involving prescription drug abuse. These incidents point to a wider national trend that may be spreading unchecked.

Batman TSA Fears: James Eagan Holmes May Turn Movie Theaters Into Police Checkpoints

Different security measures and addressing the root causes of public shootings might have prevented the Aurora massacre.

Batman Shooting: Mike Huckabee Blames Shooting on Lack of Religion in Schools

The former governor of Arkansas blames the recent shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, on lack of religion in schools and communities.

Batman Shooter James Holmes Proves America is Not Exceptional

The president of an exceptional country should not have to publicly condemn the second mass shooting in less than two years.

Batman Shooting in Colorado: Christopher Nolan Comments

Batman director Christopher Nolan has made his first public statement about the Colorado shooting.


Dark Knight Rises Shooting LIVE: Masked Gunman Kills 12 in Batman Rampage

The 24-year-old suspect stormed into the theater and threw a smoke bomb before starting to shoot stunned moviegoers, who initially thought the gunfire sounds were part of the movie.