Unreliable sources: A look at the worst media moments this week

Here’s a look at some of the more cringe-worthy takes and media mistakes from this week.


Crowdfunding your way to homeownership

Is real estate the next frontier of the crowdfunding craze?

Undocumented immigrant activists arrested fighting attempts to repeal DACA

Undocumented organizers have been arrested in one of the most anti-immigrant states in the country.

Nico Tortorella talks fluid sexuality, polyamory, 'Younger' season 4 and his podcast

"In the smallest way, if I can get some of these stories out, and people are listening, that's the most important thing we can do."

'This Is Us' Season 2 Premiere Date: Here's why the show moved back to Tuesdays this fall

Blame football for 'This Is Us' returning to Tuesdays for season two.

'Wonder Woman' charts largest opening weekend for a female director

Thanks, in large part, to the many women who showed up to see it.

The mayor of Austin had the best response to this man's sexist letter

This Texas mayor had the perfect response to a sexist troll.

UT Austin stabbing: Here's what happened and what we know so far

The suspect is a 20-year-old student.

There's no Uber at SXSW and the Silicon Valley elite are freaking out

In which rich techies find themselves stranded in a major metropolitan city with working public transportation.

ICE Raids in Austin: Activists rally after "unprecedented" immigration enforcement actions

ICE officials have arrested 44 Mexican immigrants in Austin since Thursday.

Arrests follow White Lives Matter protest in Austin, Texas

The white supremacist group was protesting what it called the uneven enforcement of hate crime law.

Could Mars' "ice cauldrons" signal early life on the Red Planet?

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin find a new place to search for signs of Martian life.

"Affirmative action" bake sale at the University of Texas sparks backlash among students

At the protest, students said the bake sale is racist, discriminatory and an inaccurate portrayal of affirmative action.

Texas polls: Here's how Hillary Clinton could upend Donald Trump in the red state

Two new polls out of Texas show Republican candidate Donald Trump holding a narrow lead in the Lone Star State.

Austin lawmaker Don Zimmerman tells a group of Latino kids to "do something useful"

Don Zimmerman implied much more than what was said.

1 Dead, 4 Injured in Shootings in Downtown Austin, Texas

This story is breaking.


Pastor Who Accused Whole Foods of Writing Gay Slur on Cake Apologizes

What would Jesus do? Well, he wouldn't have done this.

Spotify Is Set to Make a Huge Impact On An Austin, Texas, School Following SXSW

"We're not paying a dime, so this is huge."

Here's Everything Science Knows About How You Developed Your Taste in Music

Our likes and dislikes are not random.

2 Gun Rights Groups Are Organizing a Fake Mass Shooting at the University of Texas

"I can't deal with other peoples' feelings," says event spokesman Matthew Stone.

Video Captures Austin Police Violently Arresting 2 Black Men for Jaywalking

In the clip, a group of Austin police repeatedly punch and kick the men, as well as put one in a headlock.

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2015: Latest Info, Schedule, Tickets and Lineup

It's "one of the better festivals in Austin," some say.

Austin Film Festival 2015: Dates, Schedule, Lineup and Ticket Info

Make some noise for these talented screenwriters.

Austin City Limits 2015 Weekend One: Lineup, Schedule, Live Stream and Ticket Info

Weekend one is just around the corner.


These Texans Lining Up to Adopt Dogs After the Floods Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

The floods in Texas have left countless animals in need.

These Best Friends Figured Out a Genius Way to Hang Out Forever

Now this is what best friendship looks like.