The 27 best places to travel in 2019

This year’s list of places spans the world, from an exciting new food city in Scandinavia to an upstate New York haven.

Australia’s Ningaloo Reef is overshadowed by the Great Barrier Reef — but it’s just as awe-inspiring

Unlike the Great Barrier Reef, the diving and snorkeling sites of the Ningaloo are right along the coast — and you can walk into the water and explore.

Australia’s sacred Uluru park is finally getting the protection it deserves

Climbing Uluru will be officially banned in October, so travelers can visit without being destructive.

Most of the world’s coral reefs are dying. 3D-printed coral may be part of the solution.

More than 90% of the world's coral reefs will die by 2050. Are artificial coral reefs the answer?

A common bacteria spread in hospitals is becoming resistant to some hand sanitizers, study says

Scientists found that newer strains of a bacteria were more likely to be resistant to our go-to cleaning product: alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Best Places to Travel: Where ‘Daily Show’ correspondent Ronny Chieng goes for brunch in Melbourne

The comedian loves Melbourne so much that he made a spreadsheet of top haunts for visiting stand-up comics.

Netflix’s ‘Cargo’ is the latest genre film to reckon with Australia’s treatment of indigenous people

The streaming service's latest movie is part of a recent wave of Australian films that explore the country's treatment of its indigenous people.

2018 Winter Olympics: Australian snowboarder Belle Brockhoff is also an LGBTQ rights activist

The snowboarder injured herself in December and was cleared to compete at the end of January. In an exclusive with Mic, Brockhoff talked about her preparations for the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Powerful photos show Australians celebrating the moment same-sex marriage finally passed

The hard-won victory was celebrated across Australia on Thursday.

Watch this Australian MP propose to his partner right after a same-sex marriage bill was introduced

The proposal came as Australia's government debates legislation to legalize same-sex marriage.

The 26 best places to travel in 2018

Whether you travel for great food, craft brews, adventure or culture, these are the destinations that should be on your list.

Black Lives Matter receives the Sydney Peace Prize: “This movement is global and has been global.”

Australia's International Prize for Peace is arguably the most prestigious award the movement has received to date.

Democrats heavily push “sensible gun laws.” Here’s why those aren’t enough.

There are many gun control proposals with broad support, but not necessarily broad impact.

If money were no object, where would you go on vacation? Here’s what most Americans say.

Your dream vacation may be cheaper than you think.

Smoking doesn’t just kill humans. Cigarette butts are destroying the planet, too.

Cigarette-butt waste exceeds a billion pounds each year, but scientists are finally figuring out a way to reuse them.

Lunar Eclipse 2017: Here’s how you can watch the solar eclipse’s warm-up act

You get an eclipse! And you get an eclipse! And you get an eclipse!

5 of the most damning quotes from Trump’s conversations with the leaders of Mexico, Australia

From admitting that he knew Mexico would never pay for the wall, to calling New Hampshire a "drug-infested den," Trump's conversations were explosive.

Scientists just set out on an old-school voyage to understand a possible eighth continent

The landmass is 94% underwater and worthy of being called a continent, some scientists say.

This biohacker implanted a transit card into his skin so he never has to get out his wallet

His name is Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow, and he's got multiple chips in his arm.

"No religion" is now Australia's most popular religious affiliation

The segment of Australia's population marking "no religion" is growing quickly.

Trump gets standing ovation for promising to pass a law already on the books

Donald Trump promised to ban immigrants from receiving welfare benefits for five years. That's already law.


Native Australians outraged by gay porn studio using sacred didgeridoo as dildo

Let's keep this instrument for musical purposes only.

These 3.5 billion-year-old rocks in Australia could help NASA discover life on Mars

Australian hot springs could be storing signs of early life.

What Melania Trump wore her 15th week as first lady — the 2 times we saw her

Melania Trump is fully into spring pastels.

'Forza Horizon 3' Hot Wheels DLC: Expansion car list revealed

Hot Wheels and 'Forza Horizon?' It could be a good combination.

Donald Trump said he was "sending an armada" to North Korea. He lied.

Trump said he was sending a "very powerful" armada to North Korea, but it was actually going in the opposite direction.


What the world's healthiest countries eat for breakfast

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this is the most important thing you'll read this morning.

12 of the most iconic and inclusive fashion campaigns of all time

From plus-size models to models with body hair and stretch marks, these are the campaigns that embraced diversity.

Boat carrying refugees, migrants sinks in Mediterranean, nearly 150 people thought dead

A 16-year-old boy is the sole survivor after a boat from Libya carrying migrants and refugees sunk in the Mediterranean.