Refugees can now use Facebook Messenger to apply for asylum

White supremacists are targeting a college student for trying to help refugees gain asylum.


17 migrants rescued from blizzard as they attempted to flee the US for Canada

Canada has seen refugee claims skyrocket in the past year.

Meet the Rutgers students who invented an eco-friendly transportation service for refugees

They're creating brighter lives, one ride at a time.

More people have overstayed their visas than have illegally crossed the border since 2007

A new report calls Trump's border wall into question.

What are the new immigration policies? What the Trump administration is expected to change

Donald Trump is expected to tweak the travel ban as he continues to paint undocumented immigrants as criminals.

A majority of white evangelicals approve of Trump's Muslim ban

Trump's executive order is much more popular among some groups than others.

'Civ 6' Australia Release Date: Everything we know about the big summer update

'Civ 6' is going Down Under for a new update bringing Australia to the game summer.

13 photos of businesses and workers across the US honoring #ADayWithoutImmigrants

Consumers are quickly learning that an America without immigrants is, indeed, no America at all.

Syrian refugee in Germany sues Facebook over fake news posts

The case could influence how the social media giant handles "fake news."

Sean Spicer said Trump's order isn't a ban — has he been reading Trump's tweets?

Trump has spent much of the last few days undermining his own press secretary's message.

This is the maximum number of hours you should work each week to be healthy, according to science

More evidence the work week was designed for men, and not to accommodate childcare.

People are trolling a Trump Hotels tweet from 2011 with pro-immigrant and pro-refugee messages

A benign tweet from 2011 got lit over the weekend.

Designer Naeem Khan speaks out on immigration ban while fashion industry's silence grows deafening

Naeem Khan has just spoken out, but many others in the fashion industry remain mum.

The ACLU took Trump to court over his Muslim refugee and immigrant ban — and won

The civil rights group was seeking a court order to block deportation of people stranded in U.S. airports nationwide.

Immigrants respond to Trump's executive orders by declaring #ImAlreadyHome on Twitter

#ImAlreadyHome is the clap back to Donald Trump we all needed.

People in 57 countries now plan to participate in Women's March sister protests

"Sister marches" have been planned all over the globe, from Singapore to Sydney.


Search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 officially called off

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 went missing on March 8, 2014.

Sen. Al Franken tells moving story about addressing Somali, Muslim students in Minnesota

At Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing, Franken slams the Islamophobic rhetoric of Donald Trump.

'The Last Guardian' Release Date, Time, Preload Info: Everything you need to know

How to start playing 'The Last Guardian' as soon as possible.

These are the 10 most prosperous countries in the world

The U.S. doesn't make the cut, though it does rank as the best nation in the world for business.

These farms are helping refugees plant the seeds of a new life in America

Growing locally, eating globally.


'Civ 6' release date and time: When can you play 'Civilization VI' in each country?

Here's when 'Civ 6' will be available to play around the world.

Priyanka Chopra apologizes for insulting refugees on her 'Condé Nast Traveller' cover

"I'm really apologetic about sentiments being hurt," Chopra said.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott officially pulls state out of federal refugee programs

However, federal officials can continue resettling the refugees in Texas without the governor's blessing.

The 2016 harvest Moon eclipse will be the last one for 8 years — here's how to see it

The whole event lasts just under four hours.

M.I.A. explains why the refugee crisis shouldn't be nearly as controversial as it is

"These immigrants and refugees are a faceless concept used to make people scared."

5 ways to throw an authentic Australian barbecue for Labor Day

Celebrate Labor day the Aussie way.

Going to concerts regularly may make you a happier person, according to science

Dance likes no one's is watching — it's good for your health.

After Fatal Shooting of Imam in Queens, People Are Showing Support With #IllWalkWithYou

People are pledging solidarity with the Muslim community.