‘Just Cause 3’ Multiplayer Mod: Version 1.0 will launch on Steam this month

The 'Just Cause 3' multiplayer mod is coming to Steam with its 1.0 release.

The color in our photos could someday be more accurate, thanks to bees

Bees may be the answer to our terribly lit bar selfies.

Western liberals claim burqa bans protect Muslim women. These experts say otherwise.

Austria is the latest country to pass one of these bills.

Senior Trump aide Sebastian Gorka endorsed violent, racist Hungarian militia

Gorka said he supported Magyar Gárda, an anti-Semitic militia group, in a 2007 interview.

Here are the happiest countries in the world — and why they're so happy

The happiest countries in the world aren't necessarily the richest.

Special Olympics 2017: 4 athletes with incredible stories who you need to watch

The 2017 Special Olympics World Games run from March 14 to 25.


Austria Just Legislated Hoverboards — Even Though They Don't Really Exist Yet

Just in time for Back to the Future Day.

Watch the Dramatic Moment Hundreds of Refugees Broke Out of Camps in Hungary

Migrants are taking matters into their own hands.

Studies Show that the Brains of Jazz, Folk and Classical Musicians Are Not Equal

Our genre are only as diverse as the people that make them.

Vienna Traffic Signs Are Lighting Up with Gay and Lesbian Couples

A simple yet powerful change.


Scientists Prove What We All Secretly Think About Vegetarians

Researchers grill the vegetarian diet.

Will 16-Year-Olds Be the Next Group to Get the Right to Vote?

Ireland is considering lowering its voting age, an event that should make us consider the same in America — and more generally why it's so important that we grant people the franchise.

Oscar Winners 2013: Amour Wins Best Foreign Film

'Amour' wins the Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

'Amour' Wins Best Foreign Language Film

The heavy favorite, 'Amour' from Austria, wins the 2013 Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

From One Hell to Another: My Father's Daring Escape From Communist Hungary...to the American Police State

More and more, America is coming to resemble Cold War Eastern Europe.


In Greek Debt Crisis, Government Puts its Policemen Up For Rent

With the austerity cuts forcing the state to seek new ways of raising revenues, Greece has decided to rent out its policemen. This will be detrimental to the safety of the average citizen.

Euro Zone Negotiations Are Model For U.S. Political Compromise

While American politics is filled with partisan bickering, European policy makers are cooperating and tackling difficult economic problems.

Turkey and Europe’s Awkward Dance

Europe must decide if whether it will extend EU membership to Turkey.